Learn to play Netrunner in Southeast Houston!
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Fri January 5 at 7:00 PM, Empire Central
2047 W Main St, League City, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
My friends and I are hosting a new player event for the release of the Netrunner revised core set card game.
Android:Netrunner is a two player, asymmetrical, competitive card game set in a cyberpunk future. One player assumes the role of a Megacorp - one of four gigantic corporations that exercise control over every aspect of life across the globe. The other player acts as a hacker, intent on interfering with that Megacorp for fame, money, power, or simply because they can. The original game design comes from Richard Garfield, best known for designing Magic. His goals with Netrunner were to create a card game that had a bluffing element and didn't suffer from the random drawing and exponential growth of resource generation found in Magic.

If you’re interested in a uniquely designed competitive game that features high player agency with a welcoming player base, come stop by and check it out!

Attendance is free, we will have plenty of decks built from the starter set on hand to teach with. Play with your friends, other new players, or the vets - the choice is yours.

All Netrunner product in the store will be on a 10% discount for the event, so if you enjoy the game you could pick up a core set to take home. Each purchase during this event will receive special promotional cards and be entered into a raffle to receive an original Core Set or one of two big-box expansions to help grow your collection!
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