Quonsmas in Houston
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In years past I've hosted a meetup at my house during the week between Christmas and New Years. I'm proposing to do it again on December 30th, and this is the post to gauge interest.
The past year's events have been pot-lucks, and weather permitting sitting around a fire pit socializing. We've also done a white elephant gift exchange for those interested in playing. Mostly it's an opportunity to meet again for those who do know each other, and to make new friends for those who don't. I live down in Missouri City, at the end of the Fort Bend Tollroad, so if you're on the north end of town that should factor into your decision making.
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I have another party on the 30th but depending on timing I’m sure I will be able to make both. Plus one in Dallas the next day...
posted by Gridlock Joe at 8:29 PM on December 8, 2017

Let me double check with husband but should be good!
posted by *s at 8:59 PM on December 8, 2017

I'd love to be there, but we'll be in one of the unburned portions of southern California then.
posted by Pater Aletheias at 6:07 AM on December 9, 2017

I land (from one of the burnt portions of SoCal) at 5pm so it’s dubious but not impossible, depending on your plans.
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I think the last time we started at about 7 and went past midnight.
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Attending the normal 4-day NYE party with my Rennie friends from the 29th to the 1st :(
posted by mrbill at 8:58 AM on December 20, 2017

Would love to be there, but we will be in Tahoe and San Francisco - seeing other mefites! Looking forward to seeing you in 2018!
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Hey, this is still just proposed. People are welcome to propose another date! Clearly it's been a while since we've done this and people are out of practice :-).
posted by Runes at 10:48 AM on December 20, 2017

I may be in Houston at the beginning of April. Having it then would actually be in keeping with tradition.
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I am good with a small meetup but am also good with postponement to catch more takers, if moving it a few weeks or to April would be easier for folks.
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I think we should plan on postponing.
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If the folks who clicked "attending" want to get together for dinner or something in town on Friday, I'm up for that.
posted by Runes at 7:26 PM on December 26, 2017

We are out for Friday, unfortunately. Happy New Year!!
posted by *s at 10:30 AM on December 28, 2017

Runes! So sorry, I've been very ill so haven't even thought about MetaFilter. Would love to do something when everyone is back in town (or April). Thank you for trying to organize us!
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