The Weather Outside is Goatful
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Wed December 6 at 5:30 PM, The Original Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
First Wednesday is next week! Apparently the Goat has changed how it does beer! But we have not changed how we do fun--it's still good and you should join us!
We meet at the Original Billy Goat Tavern, under Michigan, after work 5ish? 6ish? Whatever! Eat foods (or not). Drink beers (or not). Pretend like we're not solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzles on the TV.

Later we head north to Live Wire Lounge for karaoke and the best bathroom for selfies. Sometimes there are intermediate stops. Sometimes there are post-karaoke stops. We're unpredictable! Ish!
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I will finally be able to make one as class will be wrapping up and I do not have it that week. I should be there around 7:00 after a staff happy-hour event.
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I can only assume I will show up on Tuesday or Thursday. Or yesterday.
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Goat. Goat. Goat.
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I'll be there and the handful of people (telepanda, hydrophonic, MCMike, jessypie) who bought GS candy WILL GET THEIR GS CANDY! (Or their remaining candy if I saw you before and left half at home) Woohoo!
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^ I keep reading this as "GD candy".
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Also, I have in my notes it's pot-luck meatloaf night at LiveWire.
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Should we bring pocket meatloaf?
posted by crush at 4:45 PM on December 5, 2017

Don't you always?
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I wish I'd seen that yesterday; I would have totally brought a meatloaf (that someone else probably would have cooked, but still...)
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i don’t have pocket meatloaf but i am going to wind up bringing a bunch of cookies from work. get your bodies ready.
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Yeah, I was totally going to bring some meatloaf but the week totally got away from me. *sad trombone*

On the bright side, I put the likelihood Mary remembers pitching it at less than five percent.
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If this does not happen, then Meatloaf May* for Mary is a go for 2018.**

* March is too close to Bacon Bomb
** Look at Mike, imagining a future beyond the next two weeks like the good old days.
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There's nothing to stop us from declaring a Meatloaf Mebruary except for long-standing linguistic conventions.
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I'll be there and the handful of people (telepanda, hydrophonic, MCMike, jessypie) who bought GS candy WILL GET THEIR GS CANDY!

Can't make it tonight. NOBODY EAT MY CANDY!
posted by hydrophonic at 3:36 PM on December 6, 2017

I can't imagine anything more delicious than kicking off summer with a piping hot slab of meatloaf.
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Had to stop home after the wine. Let me know when you're migrating and I'll catch up!
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you beautiful people.
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Wait. How did the Goat change how they do beer?

1. Still Tiny?
2. Still Light or Dark?
3. Still 3.50?
4. Still Payne?

If more than one of these changed I'll be sad. It's only been five years, y'all. Keep it together.
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1. Still Tiny
2. Light, Dark, IPA, Pilsner
3. $4
4. Still Payne

The price change happened a while ago but we first learned about the beer change in November, when they were switching over and actually didn't have light or dark but only IPA and Pilsner. For our December First Wednesday they had light and dark again in addition to the two new ones, but now I've found this article that says that they are phasing out the light and dark, so WHO KNOWS what's happening right now.
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The Goat has now added a tiny pilsner and a tiny IPA to their lineup of tiny drafts. Last month it appeared these new beers were replacements for the light and dark, but now it seems they're only complements; a concession, rather than a capitulation, to changing tastes. Payne will continue to serve tiny lights and darks, though they now cost $4.
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(or what jessypie said! Cold fingers type slowly.)
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Independent confirmation from two sources, in this day and age. This holiday season, I am thankful for the Chicago Cabal.*

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