I am going to be in Denver...
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The night of Saturday 10 February. I'd love to see some Denver MeFites. I'd be up for dinner or drinks. I will be downtown near the convention center, and I'd love suggestions for where to meet. If it's dinner, a place that takes reservations would be good.
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I was just saying that there are never any Denver meetups! I'm in, no matter where we end up.

Euclid Hall is downtown and a good place for groups. Lots of space, takes reservations, large beer list, menu to please most folks.

I'll share other suggestions as I think of them.
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I am 100% down for this. I may even be able to convince Mr. Fog to brave the horrors of downtown parking, but a destination convenient to the light rail would make that easier.
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If I'm not working grad school recruitment (or possibly if I am?) that weekend, I'd like to make this. Euclid on a Saturday night can be super loud with a group, fwiw (we've taken recruits there before, and you can really only hear anything from the 4-5 closest people).

Things I like (drinks-centric) that are on light rail, south to north:

* White Whale Room, right at Alameda station, good for chatting, drinks & light eats mid-afternoon, but nothing else around
* Renegade Brewing tap room, drinks only, 10th & Osage station
* Union Station beer hall. Honestly, this place has been great for having drinks and having people trickle in as they get done with work / in from a flight / etc. It's walk up ordering, and you can give the bartender your driver's license and get shuffleboard disks (pucks?) for free and hang out and drink anywhere in the main hall of the station. I think there's also some small bites food at the bar?

Anyway, I'm also up for actual food or places not on lightrail, just thought I'd throw in with some options.
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If I'm in town, I'm in! Seconding Union Station's Terminal Bar, but Ophelia's is also good for groups.
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Oh yeah, Union Station's a great idea!
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Thanks for the suggestions! Union Station looks doable, although I’d be open to other options....
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I'm in and can make most locations, though would definitely prefer downtown or other places along the light rail or Cherry Creek Trail. Anything easy to access from the convention center qualifies.

Seconding that Euclid is very loud; I like the food, beer, and location, but talking's not at all easy to do there.

Freshcraft has food, drinks, takes reservations, and the back room's good for groups and isn't very loud.

And Union Station's great if some of us are early enough to get some space for seating. It can definitely accommodate groups of any size with no notice, though I haven't tried the shuffleboard myself.
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I'm in! Happy as a clam to show up to wherever.
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I'm also in! Union Station would be great, and would be down for showing up early to help secure seating if need be.
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