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Sun December 3 at 3:00 PM, Albert Square, Manchester (Market bar by Lloyd St. entrance)
Albert Square, Manchester M2 4JW, England, UK (Map & Directions)
strasvistsye mnye muckers old, I am here to only asking question. Your referendum goes well and now we are to benefit from the sovereignty of national motherisland through the celebration of ancient Celtic festival of orthodox «x mass» and consumption of soft-drink «wine mulled» at Hall Town other side of Leningr… mean St. Peters Square - Albert Square!
Our toasts to Mother England will begin at 15:00 GMT (Glorious Motherisland Time) at the dacha with «wine mulled» at market access nearest Lavatory Research Agency by Lloyd Street.

Our plans are not to be firm but merely to disseminate alternative views of evening proceedings and to gather kompromat on fellow FiMes. We shall avoid ghetto of Birmingham but understand Brum is lovely this time of year.
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I heart everything about this post so much!
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We were able to book a hotel, so we're in!
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I'll see if Mrs. Kat wants to go, but uncertain as there will be an arrival of Koolkitten in early February and we are still organising things.
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I love you all but I have chosen darkness*
(* A friend's birthday party.)
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Nooooooo. If you find your way out of the darkness and want to join the MeFi radiance then update the thread and we will send cryptic instructions about out further whereabouts.
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Double-storey wooden pop up beerhall, ground floor entrance next to «Little Spain»
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Right at the back with in-demand table.
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We are here, but nobody we recognise on sight is, or at least we can't see them in the crush. I am the tall blonde woman with bright pink gloves and a daft black cat ear hat on, if that helps!
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We have made contact!
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So sorry I made everyone hang around a lavatory! Thanks for a lovely afternoon out all, and for both upbeat and sad stories. Hope we can do it again in the new Solar year!
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hey - thanks for a great meetup - we had a blast and it was really great to see everyone! Thanks again for arranging it!
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Great evening. Old friends and new. Discovered some really good places in Manchester thanks to davemee and co.

(I am married to the lady with the cat-ear hat)
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I've kept meaning to go back to this post and say THANK YOU to all of you! Not only did I have a wonderful time, but also lots of really helpful and supportive advice and encouragement with some of the less-than-fun goings on that I shared. I always know I can count on MeFites to help out. :)
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