Trivia and pizza!
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Tue November 21 at 7:00 PM, Pizza Luce
2200 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
Because we don't always have to hang out in bars. See inside for options.
Two Tuesday night options either side of the river:

Pizza Luce on Franklin Ave. in the Seward neighborhood, 7:00 pm - reasonably central and a good time for pizza dinner

Green Mill at Grand & Hamline in St. Paul, 9:00 pm - this one is BIG, the only time I have seen more teams at a Trivia Mafia event was the tournament, so the competition level is high but it is kind of late for a school night /old

P.S. I know we tentatively planned on Ox Cart the night before Thanksgiving but I figured people might be traveling for the holiday and also why not mix it up. Feel free to MeMail me if you want to go then or anytime, I am almost always up for trivia, in case the myriad event posts weren't clear :)
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One for Pizza Luce!
posted by tellumo at 9:00 AM on November 14, 2017

Seconded. (I have to teach on Wednesday mornings. /not_that_old_but_lazy)

Which Tuesday are we talking about?
posted by a car full of lions at 3:28 PM on November 14, 2017

Oh sorry, this coming Tuesday the 21st. I updated the post.
posted by Flannery Culp at 3:45 PM on November 14, 2017

Ok, I've removed Ox Cart on 11/22 and added Pizza Luce on 11/21. See you there!
posted by tellumo at 6:07 AM on November 17, 2017

I'm in a booth near the bar.
posted by Flannery Culp at 4:44 PM on November 21, 2017

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