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Saw a buncha comments from Richmonders in the Virginia elections thread. We should have a meetup! How about at F.W. Sullivan's in the Fan? What days/times are y'all available?
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Maybe? My schedule is impossible to predict (4 yr old son vs restaurant business).
posted by john m at 11:22 AM on November 8, 2017

I have a Mon-Fri day job so can do most weekday evenings and some weekend times.
posted by Jacqueline at 11:41 AM on November 8, 2017

Weekday evenings are mostly good for me, as it's easy to stop in Fan on my way home. Depending on the date, a Friday or Saturday evening might work if it doesn't conflict with dates I'll be with my band. Thanks for proposing a meetup!
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Hey friends! I'm in law school and I'm currently losing my mind a little bit . . . so I'm also a big maybe. But I'd love to meet up one of these days.
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I'm actually about 2.5 hours away in a southwesterly direction so it would be challenging but I like the idea and will be following the thread to see what comes up.
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Weekday evenings, other than Wednesdays, are good for me.
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I telecommute so I'm flexible. Literally taking a break from loading the moving truck right now. Will be a Richmond residents on Friday!
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Im 2 hours in the southeasterly direction but depending on the day it might be a fun/ wacky excuse to come check out richmond again (havent really spent time in your fair city since childhood , so that impression needs revising).
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I am available Saturdays and Sundays.
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I say some variation on this basically every time somebody proposes a Richmond meetup: I'm up for if it I do happen to be in town, though my calendar is a smoldering crater this month. Fridays and Saturdays are probably my best bet, but I'm definitely not the guy anybody should be trying to schedule around.
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Just to keep this moving - would a Thursday evening in early December work for for many of us? I see a mix of weekend vs weekday, but it looks like a weekday evening might be most accessible. We counted Thursday as the start of the weekend in college, so it kind of maybe might work for the weekend folks?
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I'm in for a Thursday meet up, sure.
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December is looking much better for me, I could probably do a Thursday night.
posted by strangely stunted trees at 6:55 AM on November 25, 2017

My upcoming Thursdays are generally good except for 12/7, which is our wedding anniversary (4 years!) We won't be celebrating at F.W. Sullivan's, sorry!

How's the 14th for everyone? The 21st might be cutting it close for anyone planning to travel out of town for the holidays.

Jacqueline, still with us?
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14th works for me.
posted by COD at 7:08 PM on November 29, 2017

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