Santa Fe! I’m here for a week!
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Hello Santa Fe, I’m here for a week starting tomorrow, November 6! I have plans Thursday & Friday, but otherwise I am completely at large in your beautiful city through until Monday, Nov. 13. So, wanna meet up? Drinks? Things smothered with chile? Gallery walk? Hiking? It all sounds good!
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Welcome to the Land of Enchantment and the City Different :)

There's a small contingent of MeFites in Santa Fe, some even farther north, and the majority are in and around Albuquerque. We're well overdue for a meetup, and tend to come out in bigger numbers for a traveling MeFite, but we take some prodding.

Personally, I live in the northern most end of Rio Rancho, the mega suburb just north of Albuquerque, and I work in Santa Fe, but I usually take the Rail Runner to work and back, so weekends are better for me and my little crew.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for suggestions for things covered in chile, here's Gil's Thrilling (And Filling) Blog, aka NM, with suggestions for tasty things in Santa Fe and around the state. And if you're looking for hikes, Santa Fe's tourism website has some good links, and tons of other information about things to see and do around the city.

If you're looking for more suggestions for the city, I can ramble on more.

Lastly, I can ping the local folks if it's quiet here.
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Dang it, I'm going to Chicago. Next time!
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I'm free for meeting up for chile-smothered foods and drinks one evening - I'm available after 6pm. And I will be around if you'd like to go for a hike on Saturday or go out and about for some exploring. Memail me if you're interested in meeting up and welcome to Santa Fe!

And if Santa Feans come out of the woodwork; a group meet up would be fun too.
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Well, darn it, we will be out of town. Enjoy your visit!
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Hurrah this all sounds good! I am excited! How about a group meetup on Saturday night? I just got in to the RV Park and it’s deep in strip mall territory - Cerrillo Road? I am quite mobile though, the tiny camper is unhitched. So I could go anywhere. And now that I know there’s a train to Albuquerque, I could even go there!

My friends from CO are coming in and we’re going to Meow Wolf on Friday. That and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum - oh and getting my hair done, any suggestions as to that are welcome, I need a cut & blue and purple foils - are my only definite must dos. Anything else I shouldn’t miss? I like art and photography and nature and history, well, everything I suppose, up to and including bizarre tourist traps. And used bookstores.

Very happy to be here, just spent the weekend inTaos, I cannot get over how beautiful it is here!
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get an o'keefe house tour if you can.
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A warning on the train - it's based around a commuter schedule, so it's low frequency. Also, it tends to run a bit late, so you'll have a little wiggle room on the posted schedules, but don't bank on it. Mid day trains are pretty empty, and even the AM and PM "peak" commuter trains aren't overly packed (though people get upset when a four-seat group has more than 2 people in it ;)). If you know when you're going to catch the train, you can buy it online and either print it off or show it on the screen of your smart device and save a buck on a daily trip (there's only one-way, daily, or monthly tickets, nothing for the week). And once you have a train ticket, you can ride most buses for FREE with your ticket.

If you don't find a place to get your hair done, I'll ask around to see what my Santa Fe-based co-workers can recommend.

You can wander around Santa Fe, particularly around the plaza, and get a ton of art and photography, and then trek up to museum hill for even more. On a recent tourist tour with an out-of-state friend, I enjoyed the De Vargas Street House, which is touted as the oldest house in the United States, which is near the Loretto Chapel with its unusual helix-shaped spiral staircase (the "Miraculous Stair"). But really, Meow Wolf is prime Santa Fe Weird, and definitely worth hours of exploration. I've been a few times and haven't even bothered trying to solve the mystery.

Then in Albuquerque, there's the touristy but fun Old Town, and if you want a bit of weird nature, I suggest you check out the American International Rattlesnake Museum. It's like a fancier roadside reptile show. Also, Old Town is very near a number of museums (Visit ABQ's summary of museums; Google Maps link to a search of museums in ABQ for an idea of where they are in relation to Old Town, and you can zoom out to see other museums around the city).

If you want to visit historic outdoor sites, there's Petroglyph National Monument on the west side of Albuquerque, which is not particularly accessible without a car or bike.

There's also Coronado State Monument in Bernalillo, a little town along the Rio Grande (and I-25), north of ABQ, and about 1.5 miles up the road from a Rail Runner stop (also there's an RV campground next to Coronado, FWIW). If you do go to Bernalillo, there's The Range Cafe and it's "upscale" sister restaurant, Freight House Kitchen + Tap. If you want kitchy and fun New Mexico stuff, The Range Cafe has a great gift shop, plus another room of art pieces from native artists, and paintings throughout the restaurant and gift shops. Or if you just want to browse books, there's Under Charlie's Covers Fine Used Books, which you can find thanks to its huge red BOOKS sign. The restaurants and books are much closer to the Rail Runner stop.

Back to Saturday: do you have and goals or ideas? My crew includes two young boys, so personally afternoon or early evening is good if we're bringing them, but we can also go for something later without the boys.
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I get my haircut at Salon Del Mar 505-490-2278, haircut runs around $70 not sure what color costs. Other salons that have good reputation here are Wild Hare (next to the Jean Cocteau cinema downtown) and Rock Paper Scissor near the Devargas Center. There's also a Great Clips and Ulta near the RV Park you're staying at.

If you'd like to get up close and personal with petroglyphs, I recommend going to La Cienaga petroglyph site - drive south on Cerrillos until you get to Airport, turn right onto Airport and keep driving for several miles (past sewage treatment plant and Polo/Pony Club), the site is not well marked, but there's a wooden fence and a gravel lot on the right of the road.

I really like the Folk Art museum, they have a really interesting collection.

Off the Plaza, there's a little store where if you walk to the very back, there's a plaque about Los Alamos National Lab using that site as essentially it's PO Box when it was still a top secret place.
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Drat I know I wrote something this morning but I must not have hit post. Thank you for all the help! I have an appointment tomorrow at Salon Del Mar and I went to the Folk Art Museum today! How about a late afternoon early evening meetup on Saturday or Sunday? As long as there is alcohol I will be happy, food is good too.
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I'm glad your time here is going well! And I'll chime in to say I'm still interested in either Saturday or Sunday late afternoon / early evening, but I'll let Santa Fe locals provide more direction as to where we could meet.

Meanwhile, I'll ping the north-central MeFites to alert folks who haven't joined the discussion yet that there's an upcoming meetup.
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Saturday is better for me in terms of meeting up...

Suggested meetup spots (with kids attending in mind):
Second Street Brewery (either the original or the new one on Rufina St.) (pub food and beer, wine)
Backroads Pizza (pizza, salad, sandwiches and beer and wine)
The Cowgirl (assorted bbq and southwest foods and all kinds of alcohol)
Draft Station (beer and pizza)
La Choza (New Mexican and margaritas, other alcohol)
Santa Fe Brewing Company (there may be a food truck there but otherwise they don't have food; beer and wine)
Plaza Cafe Southside (new mexican food/greek food and assorted alcohol)
Harry's Roadhouse (new american cuisine??? assorted alcohol)
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OK I will kickstart this and say I will be at the second street brewery Rufina St location at 5 today, Saturday, hope to see y’all there! This is me in the corner wearing glasses my hair is slightly longer now and I (probably) won’t have a google eye stuck on my forehead.
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I’ll be over at 2nd St Rufina by 5pm. I have in a maroon and grey sweatshirt and wear glasses and have curly hair - I’ll be in the lookout
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We'll be there, but just me and Mrs. filthy light thief - the little boys are insane and not fit for human company ;)

I'll be wearing the light thief shirt as seen in my profile, a brown jacket, jeans and glasses. My wife will be wearing a plaid long sleeve shirt, teal t-shirt and jeans. We're heading up from Rio Rancho soon, so we'll be there after 5 PM, but we are coming.
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I'm here! Follow the blinding light to a table in the back corner. I think I'm the only solo lady here.
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Sorry to miss you all, I was a terrible lookout!
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Oh no, you were there?

mgl, it was great to meet you, and Mrs. flt and I had fun. Please do tell us if you're heading back our way, and we'll rally the locals next time.
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