Trivia at the Nook
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Sun November 12 at 8:00 PM, The Nook
492 Hamline Ave S, St Paul, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
I scream you scream we all scream for Jucy Lucys, beer, and trivia (and amazing ice cream next door if you get there early). Bonus round: use the comments to nominate a day for the next board game meetup.
I have a cabinet full of games and a dining table that seats 10, so I can host if there is a date that works. November is pretty open for me, Monday nights and the 17th-18th are out, Thanksgiving weekend is fine.
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Board games! Last time I was there (pre-election) we played the Trump game and I fear we may have unleashed the dark forces. Given that currency with Trump's face on it is no longer a funny board game joke but probably our new future reality I say NO TRUMP GAMES.

Otherwise, weekends are usually good for me.
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Now that it's suddenly winter I am 100% OK with burning the Trump paper money in the wood stove.
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I've added trivia on the 12th to my docket. As for games, things are pretty open for me as well at this time.
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If anyone else has Friday off and wants to get together and play games, that would be more fun than my current plan of going in to work anyway. Mischief, Fantasy Flight, and Gaming Goat open at 11, 9 and 2, respectively, if we want to hang out at a shop, otherwise my kitchen is stocked with coffee and beer depending on whether the sun is over the yardarm.
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I actually scheduled this Friday off as a vacation day a few weeks ago. I'm planning to use the morning/early afternoon to do a bit of Nanowrimo, but I'd be interested in playing games on Friday. I love games + Minneapolis/St. Paul are still new enough to me that checking out those places sounds like a fun adventure.
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I was thinking of posting a movie meetup, but if Friday board games are happening then I can hold off on it. Three meetups in three days is probably too much.
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MeFi party weekend! I'm here for it.

Is anyone else up for games this Friday? I have a couple that are good for two players but more is always better. We could also plan something for Thanksgiving weekend if people are not busy traveling or power shopping.
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All right, I'll just post the proposed movie meetup and we can decide when to go. It'll be a bit short notice for this weekend anyway I suppose.
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P.S. I can't take Friday off but I could do games in the evening, after like 7 or so.
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aaah! i will be out of town. next time!!
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I'll post a formal board game meetup for later in the month, but I am still down for this Friday afternoon/evening. Fantasy Flight is probably the best choice: huge game selection, food/drinks on site, open till midnight. I'm flexible on time, whenever Wolfster hits the wall on writing or others are available to join in.
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As of now, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to Fantasy Flight tomorrow night, but trivia on Sunday is still a lock. Keep an eye out for this guy pushing his Kickstarter thing.
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Hahaha I would play that, or more likely, add it to the pile of things no one else is willing to play, along with math scrabble and the spelling bee game.
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I'm so sorry - I shouldn't have said anything so early (note to self to just wait until these things are decided and see if they work out)-Earlier today I committed to doing something else on Friday evening, so I'm locked out of this one.
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pile of things no one else is willing to play

math scrabble

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Unfortunately it went to Goodwill in the move. If the game shop has it we can play.
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I'm going to head up around 7 if anyone wants to meet for burgers and beer before the action starts. Trivia is in the basement bar area.
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