Last-minute Budapest Hangout Options with The Empress?
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Hello Budapest! I will be in you - but only for two days (October 29th and 30th). So instead of an organized thing, lemme give you my itinerary (with the one venue and meal i know I have planned) and if anyone wants to meet me there, then let me know in here.

* I plan to hit up the farmers' breakfast buffet in Szimpla Kert, aiming to be there by 9 am. I will be getting out of there by about 10:15 am to make a walking tour, though.

* I'm going to have a full day of exploring the rest of the day, but could do dinner....somewhere.


* This is more of a free-form day, and I'll be doing a lot of walking around. I have a couple of Art Noveau buildings I want to have a gander at, and I'll be hitting up the Geillert Baths - or maybe I'll be at the city park. I'll be a bit adrift since it looks like all the museums are closed that day, too, so a lunch before or after the baths or a dinner option would work great.

FYI - I am staying at a place directly across from the Kelti train station, so dinner near there on the 30th would be slightly preferable (but a few stops away on the metro is just fine).

this is last-minute, so if it doesn't pan out then that'll teach me.
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would be happy to join!
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I'm submitting a "maybe" for this one as we are coming back from Nyíregyháza during the day with the family and since it's a last minute IRL, I am not 100% sure I can run all the errands before the dinner. If you keep me updated about the venue then hopefully I can show up.
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Ack - I am only seeing these now, at the END of the day. :-(

Okay - I am also here tomorrow, on 30 October. I do want to poke around the city a bit - stop inside St. Stephens, check out City Park and get some photos, hit Geillert baths sometime during the day - but I could do dinner, and am also planning to check out the folk music night at Szimpla Kert. Mostly as an excuse to check out Szimpla Kert again - guys, you outdid Williamsburg in coolness.

Anyone interested in Szimpla Kert tomorrow?
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Oof. My Dad is in town and we'll likely be doing touristy things on Monday as well. (kmt, I actually just came back from Eger, so we probably were stuck in the same traffic on the highway...)

Empress, I'm not likely to be on Metafilter, but I'll send you my contact info in a PM. Szimpla is always better on a slow day so I'm game.

Keleti isn't really a dinner destination. There's a lot more around Szimpla and the Jewish District.
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