Working with other freelancers!
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Mon October 30 at 10:00 AM, Think Coffee
73 8th Ave, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi! There's a lot to love about the freelance life, but going 'til 6pm before speaking to another human isn't one of them. Wouldn't it be nice to work for a few hours 1x a week with other MeFites?
This is pretty straightforward.

Do you work from home?
Do you live in New York?
Would you like to attend a weekly "meeting" to do your work in the presence of other MeFites?

Freelancing makes me happy because I don't like being told what to do. :) But some days, I don't speak with another person until after 6 or 7, when I get wine with a friend or meet with my sketch team. That's weird, so I'm scheduling a few regular blocks of time to be in the proximity of other humans.

JOIN ME! I'm thinking 10 to 1 on Mon, Oct 30th, but can be flexible depending on responses. Thanks!! p.s. If we feel like it, we can get lunch after.
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Okay, you had me at "freelancer" and "sketch team." i live in NJ, but can commute in for this. I'm a freelance writer in the beauty industry, so if you love perfume, let me know and you can have some!
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Yeah, I think i'm up for this!
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Yay! I'll definitely follow up with confirmation details as it gets closer to Monday. In the meantime, keep the responses coming!
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Oh! I've had to be do some out-of-the-house freelancing recently and it was nice to not be in front of my computer in my apartment, so this could be fun. I might be more of a maybe depending on if this one gig truly ends by this week, but otherwise count me in as interested as details come about.
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Aaaand and important meeting was scheduled for Monday. That's how life works! Anybody down to work Monday evening around 7? Let's make this happen.
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I can't Monday evening, and Monday daytime was looking tenuous after yesterday... I'll keep an eye out for future times, though!
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Hey all - I'm still completely up for this, especially in this crunch time leading up to 2018. If any of you want to freelance in peace and quiet and together, let's make this happen. (Especially you Gaspode!)

To make it fun, I will bring what I work on - which is stupid expensive perfumes from around the world.
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