Chat and drink at Fairmount Cocktail Bar
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Sat October 21 at 5:00 PM, Fairmount Martini and Wine Bar
2448 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm a New York City MeFite visiting Cleveland and looking forward to meeting locals! I'm not drinking much alcohol right now so I'll go for the housemade spicy ginger beer.
During the proposal stage, this was:

Title: Walking tour or concert?
I'm visiting Cleveland Friday-Sunday October 20-22, and interested in meeting Cleveland MeFites while I'm there. I have a few ideas for events we could go to together.

Friday night: Third Friday Art Walk

10am Saturday: Historic Euclid Avenue tour

Saturday night around 9pm: Irish band Marys Lane at PJ McIntyre's (no cover charge)

I'm also open to other ideas!
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Oh shit, this is, like, really coming up! I would like to propose Saturday afternoon at either the Prosperity Social Club or the Fairmount Martini and Wine Bar, because that would be convenient for me.
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 1:55 PM on October 16, 2017

Fairmount Wine Bar sounds like a good idea. I'm up for that or the Third Friday Art Walk.Or both, I suppose.
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Some good selections. The Art Walk is cool, I'm down for that assuming I don't have a last-minute work crisis.

The historic tour sounds interesting - personally probably not inclined to be up and in public Saturday morning, but it'll be a nice intro to Cleveland history even if you go solo.

Mary's Lane is a fun band, but that little corner of Cleveland (Kamm's Corners) tends to become a bit "rowdy early-20's meat market" on weekend nights. First set (9-10) will probably be pretty copacetic, might want to have a second location in mind for later.

Always down with a trip to Prosperity, haven't been to the Fairmount yet but that sounds fine. Sat afternoon should be good for me.
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Thanks for the Fairmount suggestion, chesty_a_arthur. Sounds like everyone who has spoken up likes that idea, and I saw that they have a housemade ginger beer that sounds appealing as a fun nonalcoholic drink, so I've changed this event to be 5pm at the Fairmount (they open at 5). Now that it is Confirmed maybe more people will see it and RSVP! :)

I'm figuring out my Friday night with a local friend right now so I'm not sure whether I'll make it to the Art Walk, but stuart_s and soundguy99, maybe you oughta do that together! I included the text of my previous suggestions in the further description for this event, in case you want to make a separate plan.

Thanks for the heads-up on Kamm's Corners, soundguy99. I'll keep that in mind. And I appreciate your take on my selections! Incidentally, I'm also hoping to visit the Midwest Railway Preservation Society open house midday Saturday and planning on taking the Fall Flyer on the scenic railroad on Sunday. Already bought a ticket for the latter.
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I've arrived in town and will see y'all tomorrow night!
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Sadly I'm out of town this weekend but good choice.
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Ugh, I’ve been laid low by the Sinus Thing. I did go to the kitchen for a while, but outside seems like a bridge too far. I hope you have fun, guys!
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Hope you feel better soon, chesty_a_arthur! Sorry I missed you.

Tehhund, I am dismayed that I did not get to meet you! I hope to return to Cleveland and perhaps at that time I can have the pleasure.

soundguy99, glad I got to meet you -- it will be nice to put a face to the name the next time I see your posts & comments! I realized around 8pm that I'd had a really full day and needed to chill, so, no concert for me tonight. Perhaps I will be able to catch some folk music next time I'm here.
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