Nuit Blanche in Toronto - Dusk Sat Sept 30th till Dawn Sun Oct 1st!
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Hey all, this weekend is Nuit Blanche 2017 in Toronto - the city-wide art fair from dusk Saturday to dawn Sunday.
Here's the event map/listing and twitter for the various projects (also #nbTO17)

So, folk who want to do it, let's meet,

between 6:30 pm and 7 pm Saturday, September 30th,

at The Common (a coffee-shop at 408 Bloor Street West, a few blocks west of Spadina, and which closes at 7 pm) , and then hit the side walks!

Probably we'll start nearby with University of Toronto Schools Visual Arts - 371 Bloor Street West, and then ?


Counterproposal: If folk have a favorite project in Nuit Blanche where they'd like to start, mention it in the thread and we'll hash it out.
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I'm reading for the 9:30 slot for Diaspora Dialogues. Post your locations as you go, maybe I can find you!
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I would usually be happy to join in, but today I worked the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, and tonight my kiddo and I have tickets to Hedwig at Hart House, and then we're going to do the exhibits around there and make our way home. If you see a yawning, pudgy, limping woman with a rock-star kid, say Hi and pass the Robax and a caffeine shooter.
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I'm going to go sans agenda, which is probably dumb but enh.

My partner will be singing at project 89, "Have You Seen My Sister" from 3-7a and if you get the chance be sure to stop by, it's good.
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Hey! I'm going to try and get down to meet you, but I don't know how long I'll last. I have a fairly low tolerance for crowds and might need to flee for sanctuary.
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No worries, I'll be there in 15-20 minutes.
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