Regular trivia event?
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Proposed: we pick a recurring date (second Sundays, fifth Tuesdays, first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, whatever) and make Friends of Matt a quasi-official team.
Trivia Mafia master schedule, or if you prefer, by location - which is basically everywhere. If you left your door unlocked they are probably setting up in the dining room right now.

Locations we have been to in the past: Amsterdam, The Nook, Summit

Places that might be fun to try: Byte, Surly, Domo Gastro

There are non-TM trivia nights around the cities as well, I am less familiar with them but open to suggestions.

Something that the majority of the group can make on a monthly basis would be nice. We could still mix things up by settling on a day of the week and trying out different locations.
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I've been to Byte a few times, and it's a fun place with good food.
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That would be fun! Sundays would work best for me this fall, but I'll most likely be moving in December/January, so if there's a better day for everyone, by all means pick that one.

Also, leap years are no good for me.
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I could do Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. Quelle surprise.
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It'd be fun to join you guys. I do trivia mafia most Wednesdays at the Cardinal. I don't recommend it as a place for this group but it is stumbling distance from my house.
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This is a good idea. For a stupid personal reason I'm allergic to the Amsterdam, but I'm open to the other venues.
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I like this idea. I've never done TM Trivia, but I'm a Librarian with a head full of useless knowledge and would like to give it a try.

I prefer the Minneapolis locations over St Paul; and I prefer earlier in the evening over later because I am an Old and I like to be in bed at a reasonable hour. I guess what I'm saying is, plan away and I'll join in if I can. I'd bring along Herr Vortex too - whose head is even MORE full of useless knowledge than mine.
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I have standing Sunday night dinner plans, that's my one regular commitment. Other than that I am usually pretty flexible.

What if we picked a Minneapolis location and a St. Paul one and staggered them? Second Sunday brunch at Amsterdam, fourth Wednesday night at Byte, something like that? Or is that making things too complicated?
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My schedule is unpredictable because my job requires a lot of travel but I am interested in coming when I'm able and may be able to haul my ladyfriend along. St. Paul is easier for me than Minneapolis but I think staggering the two is a good idea in general.
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OK, let's try that. Everyone nominate your top two days (one weekend and one weeknight would be nice) and any favorite trivia venues.
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Geeks Who Drink has trivia on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (scroll down for locations).
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I like the staggered venues idea, it sounds like it would be the most inclusive.

Weeknights I prefer Wednesdays because I don't have anything the following morning. Weekends I have no preferences except that I'd rather not stay out late on Sundays.
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OK, finally home and getting back to this - creating IRL posts is a pain in the neck on my phone. I'll create a Sunday brunch and Wednesday night meetup and we'll see how that goes.
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Fun! I vote Fri, Sat or Sun or for weekdays Thursday.
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Sorry to chime in so late; I've been completely booked in the evenings for some time. Things are back to normal now, though, so sign me up for the quiz syndicate or fact Camorra or knowledge triad or whatever. :-D
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