Taters on the Move
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Wed September 6 at 7:30 PM, Joe Sent Me
2388 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
At our last meeting, they announced that trivia night at The Rising would be moving to Tuesdays starting this week. At least a few of our party had a conflict with Tuesdays, so in the true spirit of Allston Christmas, we are moving!
Geeks Who Drink offerings are pretty slim on Thursdays. The suggestion was made to maybe go back to Joe Sent Me on Wednesday, in the hopes that maybe they've fixed their speakers since 2015. What say you all?
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Can we try The Blackstone Grill? They have trivia Thursdays at 7 and it's accessible from both the red and orange lines. I'll attend either way, but it would be nice to have a more central location for those of us who live south of the river.
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I'd be up for trying The Blackstone Grill, since it's convenient to my office, but I'd want to hear from the folks who drive in from points north and west as to whether it would be prohibitively difficult to get to.
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I'd be fine w the blackstone --- my new schedule means I'm coming in to North Station Thursdays anyway.
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Both are fine by me.
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Are we def on for Joe Sent Me tonight?
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Yes, definitely Joe Sent Me tonight.

WRT other locations, we definitely wouldn't find downtown as convenient, and I wouldn't describe Blackstone as particularly close to the Red Line. The main group of trivia-goers largely resides in Cambridge and northwards, although that's probably partly selection bias from where it's always been located.
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Also, a 7pm downtown start time would be cutting it pretty tight for us, as I have to go home first and feed/medicate my cats.
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FYI, this location doesn't take reservations, so we have usually gathered in the main room at the back right.
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I'll be late as I'm just leaving work and want to eat non-Joe food, but I am on my way.
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Oof, the scores:

Nacho Cheese 86
Up With Taters 85
AKA: Up and Autumn 84
American Horror Story: White House 84
Sweeney Tater: Demon Tuber of Fleet Street 83
In Third Place 81
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