filthy light thief in Phoenix, AZ
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Wed September 13 at 7:00 PM, The Breadfruit and Rum Bar
801 E Pierce St, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be in Phoenix, AZ from Sept. 13 - Sept. 15 for work, so let's chat and eat together! Wednesday at 7, I'll be at The Breadfruit & Rum Bar on East Pierce Street.
As I'll be around the following night, I might set up a second meetup, but for now, here's one.
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Cross-posting with an AskMe question about where to eat and if there's anything to see in that area.
posted by filthy light thief at 9:44 AM on August 30, 2017

I do!! I'm free the night of the 13th (going camping after that.) What are your food tastes? Phoenix has wonderful food.
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Interesting, tasty, and spicy, probably in that order. I'm coming from New Mexico, so I have ample access to wonderful (New) Mexican food, but if there's a great local shop that has its own style, I'm down for that, or really anything else of interest and distinction. Or anywhere to hang out and chat with internet people IRL - it can be a bummer to have great food in a loud place.
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I'm in! I work right near there, too, so convenient.

One of my favorite spots to take out of town visitors to is The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, which arguably hits all of your criteria. But I'm wide open to other suggestions.
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Second the Breadfruit and Rum bar. Really good food and pleasant atmosphere. I hope you'll enjoy it Filthy light thief! Unfortunately I won't be able to join you.
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I've never been to The Breadfruit!
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Should we put this on the calendar, maybe lure some other folks out from behind the cacti?
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Sounds good! I'm flying in to Sky Harbor before 4 PM on the 13th, which gives me time to get to my hotel and stretch my legs before stomping around.

I'm not sure what the conference folks will do for dinner, so I'll say that the 13th at Breadfruit sounds like a go. Is 7 PM too early?
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I think 7 sounds great. If we get a lot of RSVPs (well, "a lot" here in PHX is, uh, not very many), we may decide to make a reservation. But we shouldn't have trouble getting a table on a Wednesday.
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I will come! I've been wanting to meet other mefites for awhile and love Breadfruit.

If we can find a sitter I will bring the mister. Should know if I'm solo by Friday if a headcount is needed.
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Won't be able to make it, y'all, but I'll be with you in spirit(s)!

Hope your trip to Phoenix is pleasant, flt!
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That's too bad, Darkstar--I wanted to buy you a drink to thank you for everything you do in the politics threads. Next time!
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omg darkstar I didn't realize you were in Phoenix! yes, thank you for politics threads and a drink on me next time.
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We decided to save our babysitting for a night out of town next weekend, so it will just be me sans husband.

In case this interests anyone, there is a pretty great music/dance night Wednesdays not too far north of Breadfruit (by Phoenix standards) - Lilith at Stacy's @ Melrose on 7th Ave and Indian School. I will be heading there after dinner most likely. Here is last weeks setlist.
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Finally actually permanently in AZ, and I also finally found this thread! I'd like to join too. It's probably just me, because Mr. Nat is busy with a heavy workload this week, but we'll see. Glad I looked at the list of events!
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Turns out travel plan have been adjusted. Might attend!
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I'm looking forward to tonight! I'm bringing a friend who is not yet a MeFite, but should be. You are all part of my persuasion campaign.
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Hi all! Right now the headcount is at 7 -- should we call in a reservation? Happy to do so if needed!
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I think a reservation is a good idea, especially because Mr. Nat is actually coming, so that makes 8. (Can't figure out how to update my count on mobile).
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Scroll down, nat, scroll down. Updated my count now.
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Woot woot! I'm just waiting to board my flight now. I'll be in PHX in about 2.5 hours. I'll reserve a table for 8 when I get to my hotel, unless someone posts in this thread to say they've already done so. Table listed under "Friends of Josh," because calling him cortex is probably weird in public.

Assuming I don't change when I get there, I'll be the tall guy with dark-ish hair, silver temples and glasses, wearing a short-sleeved dark purplish button-up shirt with little cream diamonds, white-ish shorts, flip-flops. Yeah, probably enough details to spot me :)
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And we're in, for 7 to 8 people at 7 pm. I'll probably be there early.
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Oh, and it's under Paul, my real name, as the reservation required a credit card to deter no-shows.
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Sounds good! We will head out soon (coming from Tempe). I've got a purple striped work shirt on. I think my mefi shirt is not on a boat anymore but it isn't here either, so purple stripes it is.
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It was great to meet y'all! If you want to cool off and visit the Albuquerque and/or Santa Fe area, we have a guest bedroom! :)
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It was wonderful to meet you all! Thanks for prompting us to get together, filthy light thief. :) And if any of you are camping inclined, I'm here to report that Big Lake in eastern AZ is just beautiful.
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