Eat my Olives
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Sat September 30 at 3:00 PM, My House
MacArthur Parade, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, Australia (Map & Directions)
I posted awhile ago about my impressive olive collection, and lollusc suggested that I should leverage them into martinis. So, who wants to come to my place and eat some olives and drink some martinis?
I will make olive foccacia and tapenade and try and work out how to get the red capsicumy bits into some green olives. All offerings of gin and vermouth happily received. Also, boardgames?

I'm in Dulwich Hill, near the train line, light rail and a bunch of bus routes. The backyard is great for hanging out in, and I have many chairs. My housemates are away for the long weekend (October 2nd, for those who aren't counting the days), so that could work. But I'm pretty flexible datewise. Kids welcome, though if there are many we might need to find a park or other more interesting venue.
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Yes! I can do most weekends in the foreseeable future. Probably not this coming Saturday, though.
posted by lollusc at 8:00 PM on August 29, 2017

Yeah, I can't do this Saturday either. Or the Saturday of the 16th of September.
posted by kjs4 at 9:24 PM on August 29, 2017

I can't do Saturday the 23rd. But I don't even like olives, so I would be in it for the company only (and top notch company it will be).
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I'm also out for 16 but otherwise good I think
posted by smoke at 2:42 AM on August 30, 2017

Hey, this aligns with my interests! I can't do the 9th September, wide open apart from that.
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I am also out for 9 September. But anytime after would be great.
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Not this Saturday but am open other weekends.
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I will eat your olives and l will bring my own stainless steel toothpick to pierce them with. I will bring a bottle of Campari to accompany our olive skewering. We can talk about my recent encounter with David (was he leaving or going?).
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I am pretty easy re dates. I probably can't combine my kids with board games however :)
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Oooo, we're in Summer Hill and have no plans ever and this sounds awesome. My three yr old will need to tag along, so if there's another kid or two that would work out - maybe we could bring some bubbles and a tipi or something to keep 'em busy!

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Jrobin276, you left the east??? Yay! You should totes come to the Rainbow Crossing chalking for the election on Friday the 8th. But that's probably for another thread. You know there's a facebook group of deranged Sydney mefites, right? unilteral should totes join too. David???

You should all totes join.
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I'm keen for some time over the long weekend, when I can do any time except Sunday late arvo/evening. Other weekends, Saturdays are best for me, but I can't do the 9th.

Seems like I should offer to bring some cheese? (Or maybe to steal cheese that someone else has brought, rargh!) I would definitely bring some gin, though.
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Sounds good! The long weekend suits me.
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Oh, I missed this. Need to check in more often.
posted by UbuRoivas at 5:13 AM on October 2, 2017

That was a really great party. Sorry you missed it, Ubu.(It ended, like all the best parties, with multiple attendees getting driven away in the back of a police car.)
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(It ended, like all the best parties, with multiple attendees getting driven away in the back of a police car.)

(It ended, like all parties, with the best attendees getting driven away in the back of a police car.)

Fixed it for ya, lollusc.
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