Brews and Board games in September?
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I'm not married to this event, but it does sound fun! This happens at the Windup Space once a month. I haven't played many board games but I know it's a popular thing to do around MeFi. I haven't seen any Baltimore meetups since I've been here, so figured why not!
Truly will take any suggestion and date, does not have to be board games and brews as suggested. This event happens September 26th, so if people are interested in meeting before that date for brunch or drinks or something else, please do suggest! This is my first proposed IRL event, so bear with me. I think it'd be great to get some Baltimore people together though.
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Hey buttonedup,
I'm not a super huge board game fan, but very down for a baltimore irl meet up and live right by wind up. I would, however, suck it up and play some games if that's the way the wind blows.
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I'm down for a Baltimore meetup (and love board games), but weeknights are usually no good for me.
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I'm a lurker who probably needs to get out more and I promised myself I'd go to the next Baltimore meetup. I love board games so this is appealing. Weeknights are difficult but I can make exceptions if I plan ahead. I'm down for alternate plans too, but anything before evening is right out.
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Great! We can definitely do something non-board game (triangle, there's beer there so I don't know if that would entice you at all!) before the board game meetup. Ah dang, that is a weeknight, I think it goes from 6pm-11pm. If weekends work better though, what about meeting up that Saturday (9/23) for drinks, food, (and if someone wants to bring a board game too that'd be cool)? Open to suggestions! I'm still relatively new to the city so I don't know all the cool spots.
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(longtime lurker joining mefi and delurking)

Interested in a Baltimore meetup, out of touch on board games but game to try.

And no I'm not a Vernor Vinge character.
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The 23rd came and went and I now definitely can't do this evening, but how about this coming weekend?
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