A Lovely Hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
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Sun September 17 at 12:00 PM, Welch Dickey Trailhead
Welch and Dickey Mt Trail, Thornton, NH, USA (Map & Directions)
To all my Northern New England MeFites out there -- let's get together for a hike in the Whites before the cold! We've picked a moderate trail with a great view pay-off. If there's interest, we could also hit up a coffee shop, pub, microbrewery, etc. after the hike.
Anticipation of a New Lover's Arrival, The will be driving up from the Boston area and says they're happy to carpool, so if you're from Boston, don't be afraid to jump in the pool!

Here's the location for the hike:
Welch Dickey Loop

(This is a moderate trail w/ amazing views. It does require some climbing, so decent cardiovascular fitness is recommended. We should plan between 2-4 hours for the hike, depending on speed and stops. Check out the link for more info.)

Let's plan to meet at the trailhead at noon to start the hike. Please make your confirmations firm, and if you change your mind last minute, let me know so we don't wait around for you. (I'll check the post right before I leave for the meet-up.)

Kids are welcome so long as they're up for a climb! (If everyone is good with it, we may bring our two small dogs along as well. Obligatory photo.)

Here are a few local options for beers, coffees, dinner, etc.

Mad River Tavern (Typical New England local pub. Good food, nice big bar area that won't be crowded, lots of great local beer options. Very convenient location for heading back to the south.)
Little Red Schoolhouse (great if people want dinner. Amazing lobster rolls, burgers, etc., and a super unique place. They might be closed down by the 17th...not sure yet.)
Woodstock Inn (Big, awesome microbrewery/restaurant/inn about 20 minutes north of the hike. If we want to bring a group here, we probably want to make reservations.)
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Hi! I'm the mefite who is willing to carpool. I'm coming up from Duxbury, so if you live on the south shore or somewhere reasonably on the way I can come get you. I have room for four passengers. If you're a little farther afield maybe we could meet at a park-and-ride or something.

If we're taking sugggestions for hikes, Mt Hedgehog is a 4.5-mile, moderately-trafficked loop with 1300 feet of ascent, no difficult bits, and phenomenal views of the Sandwich Wilderness from its large, expansive ledges. That's my personal go-to for easy hikes with good payoff.
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There's a Boston meetup on September 16; if there is another day that it can be held I will try!
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I'd love to come -- can I bring my six-year-old? He hikes quite a bit. We could do the 9th.
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NYC MeFite here who's been tooling around with the idea of a New Hampshire long weekend for a bit now. Two questions:
- Any other NYC area MeFites interested in carpooling?
- How long past mid-September would we have to wait to see a few changing leaves?
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How long past mid-September would we have to wait to see a few changing leaves?

A few? Not long, here in Dover, NH a couple of trees in our yard have gotten a jump on things.

I don't think we'd be up for the whole hike given we'd have a 3.5 year-old in tow, but I'd be interested in any microbrewery part :)
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Looks like the 23-24 would be peak foliage up there. https://smokymountains.com/fall-foliage-map/
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Leaves were already getting ready to change when I was up there last weekend. Scattered red maple leaves on the ground, the very occasional all-yellow early tree, that kind of thing. I'm sure we'll see a fair amount of color on any of the proposed dates.
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I'd probably be up for this, assuming I'm free. I do want to go to the dim-sum meetup on the 16th though so it would be nice if you could work around that. I also have an anniversary (20th!) trip with my wife coming up so that might interfere, but whatever. I'm not yet sure what weekend we're doing that.

A couple easy-ish hikes that aren't too far of a drive would be Mt. Cardigan* or Welch/Dickey. Neither of them are wilderness solitude, but they're good for group and/or family hikes of varying abilities and both have decent views. I'd be up for just about anything though and for once I'll be happy to let someone else plan a hiking trip and I'll just show up. :-)

*we did a meetup to Cardigan a few years ago but it ended up only being the three of us that organized it.
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I'm definitely feeling an early-ish autumn coming on. Cool weather is here, and as Anticipation Of a New Lover's Arrival said, there's already a hint of change in the leaves.

Mt. Cardgan, Welch/Dickey, or Mt. Hedgehog are all awesome choices. Cardigan leaves will change a little later than the others since it's farther south, so if leaf peeping is desirable, maybe Hedgehog or Welch/Dickey on the 23rd or 24th?

I'll add those dates to the potential dates.

And kids would be welcome! (And microbrewery/pub-only participants as well...we'll figure that out after we set a date/location.)
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Damn, I just realized I have a conflict on the 23rd/24th werkend. I thought it was later; there are never as many werkends in a month as I seem to think there are. It can't be rescheduled, so unfortunately I'm out if that's the werkend we choose.
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There's a 50-50 chance I'll be on a trip the weekend of the 23rd/24th.
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I don't know if people do this for meetups these days, but let's give it a shot. Let's use Doodle (definitely in the running for worst-named app, in spite of some stiff competition).

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Is Labor Day weekend out? And the weekend of the 30th?
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(I know I said leaves, and we probably won't have leaves by Labor Day, but just for ease of finding the best day for everyone.)
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I think I'm free any of the suggested weekends. I've done all three of the suggested hikes and would be happy to do any of them or any other hike.

I'll continue to be a "maybe" just because life has been nuts lately, and I'll confirm as soon as I'm sure.

If I go I'll be happy to drive anyone from the Metrowest area or pick someone up along Rts. 95/3/93.
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9/9 - Best option for us, but we are only a maybe so don't use the date to plan around us :)

9/17 - No go. Tunbridge World's Fair! (if anyone is around and wants to attend it's a great deal of fun. My wife is the superintendent of sheep & goats)

9/23-9/24 - Second best option at this time.
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Checked in at the doodle that nosila posted too.
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Checked in on the Doodle.
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This looks like fun and I will attend if I'm free on whatever date is chosen. Hike Free or Die!
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Looking like we might get a little group together. Fun! I'll give the doodle a couple of days and confirm a date by the end of this coming weekend. If anyone else has questions/suggestions, throw them in!

(Labor Day weekend doesn't work for me, sorry!)
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I responded to the Doodle and would be happy to get in on the carpool. I live in Boston.
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Cogito (and anyone else who would like me to give them a ride) shoot me a Memail with the address where you want to be picked up, and once we have a date/time fully nailed down I'll let you know what time I'll be there to get you.
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Looks like Sunday the 17th is the date the most people can make it. I'll confirm the details!
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Last day of the Tunbridge World's Fair so turtlegirl and I won't be able to make it. Have a blast!!
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Hey, one note on the Woodstock Inn: they don't take reservations. They also won't tell you a wait time over the phone. I love eating and drinking there, but in some ways they are not the most helpful. Their popularity may have made them a bit complacent.
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Bummer, terrapin! Let's do another one at some point...

Thanks, Anticipation...we can probably just play it by ear then.
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I think I'm almost definitely going, unless something comes up between now and then. I may possibly have a sullen, antisocial (but funny and smart) teenager in tow, and maybe even my wife.

I'd allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get to the trailhead from Boston. The Andover Park and Ride along Rt. 93 is a good spot to meet and carpool from.

Again, happy to pick anyone up in the Metrowest area or along 95 North of the Pike (including Alewife station) or Rt 3. How many I take will depend on who in my family is coming. I should know before the trip.
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I'll be there (but sans kid -- can't decide whether or not he'd make it through).
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FWIW, my son did Welch/Dickey when he was about six. If he's done any kind of hiking before and you know what to expect, he'd be fine. There are some open ledges with nice views but nothing dangerous or scary. They can be slippery if wet. There is one big rock that you have to sort of pull yourself over but it's the sort of thing a six year old would love.

It's also the sort of place you can easily turn around on and not get lost, if you had to bail.

Not encouraging one way or another, just throwing it out there that it's a pretty kid-friendly hike if you have a kid that can walk five miles.
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woodvine, I had a seven-year-old up Mt Willard (smaller than Welch-Dickey) in January, a 10-year-old up Mt Tremont (bigger by a notch or two) in May, and in February I took them both up Mt Monadnock, which is a similar-sized hike to Welch-Dickey. Able-bodied kids are absolutely physically capable of a hike like this, although you know your own kid best when it comes to the psychological challenge of climbing a mountain. FWIW, both of the kids I climbed with were very proud of themselves afterward—climbing a mountain is undeniably an accomplishment.
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Welch-Dickey would be a great band name. Most likely I will make it. (I'll send a text to bondcliff if for some reason I catch the flu or a flat tire.)
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Everyone who's attending -- be sure your status is "Attending" before Saturday. I'll send out a MeMail to everyone in that list w/ my cell phone number, in case of delays, changes, etc. so we're not waiting at the trailhead for someone who can't make it.

I'm sure this is old hat for everyone, but just in case -- the weather can be highly variable around here, especially once you start going up in elevation, so be sure to bring layers and something waterproof.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great hike!
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Weather's looking great for Sunday! But yes, always bring raingear to the Whites! And a fladhlight or headlamp, just in case! Also, I can still take two or three more passengers if anyone needs a ride! See y'all on Sunday!
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I will probably be there! And am driving down from Vermont if someone needs a ride from points north.
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Weather is looking good. I'm meeting not_on_display at 10:00 AM at the rest stop on Rt 95 in Lexington. I have an extra seat in my car if anyone else wants to meet us there. Drop me a MeMail.

I'll also be at the Boston Dim Sum meetup tomorrow, so I will be overloading on MeFites this weekend.
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Just memailed everyone on the "Attending" list w/ my cell number. If anyone else is planning on coming, memail me so I can send it to you too.
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Have fun, everyone!
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This sounds great. Please post pictures.
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Here are mine! Thanks to everyone who was patient and kind as I was slightly in over my head. You were all charming hiking companions. A little chagrined I had no need of my layers or something waterproof but the weather was pretty terrific. Thanks to everyone who made the trip and Dr. Fetish and nosila for hosting.
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What a great time! Thank you all for putting it together. Good people, good hike, good burgers and beer too. A mostly perfect day until...

Pulling out of the restaurant, with maybe 1/4 mile before Rt. 93, a NH State Trooper pulled me over and gave me a quiz on the local speed limit, which I answered "I dunno, 45 MPH?" Nope, the correct answer was 35 MPH but she told me I was doing 52 MPH. She went to her car to write me a ticket and then came back and said it was my lucky night, her printer was broken, so she was unable to give me a ticket. '

So, yes, a mostly perfect day. Thank you all!
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I saw somebody getting pulled over behind me as we were leaving the restaurant and was hoping it wasn't one of our people! I'm glad you got lucky! It was a fantastic hike, everybody was great, and I'll post my pictures once I figure out where to upload them to. Some of them will doubtless trickle out onto my Instagram account over the next few days, so you can always look there if you like. (Account is in profile.)

Man, Welch-Dickey is great isn't it? Stupendous views for almost the entire time. Really lovely stuff. And we saw jack pines!
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Although I can barely move my hands to type this, I wanted to confirm that it was exhausting but fun and worth the views and meeting you all. Bondcliff and I had plenty of "what we should have said was..." moments on the way home after getting pulled over. We also speculated the "printer being out of order" was a lie, she just didn't want the extra paperwork and it was nearing the end of her shift. Anyway, Much Fun, and I Learned Stuff! Now I am going to collapse, zzzzzz
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Now that I'm awake enough to type again, I can thank you all for such an amazing time! Thanks so, so much!
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Ugh, I'm not very happy with my photos. I got condensation inside my phone's lens a few weeks ago and I'd swear everything is still hazy and washed-out. (Excuses, excuses…) I've mostly given up on trying to edit these into something I'm happy with, so I'll just dump this link here and be done with it.
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Leave it to the State of New Hampshire to be unwilling or unable to operate the technology required to generate revenue. :D

We had a fantastic time, too! Any of you crew who wants to come up for NH shenanigans, be they winter or summer, shoot me a message!
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Here are a few of Greg's photos.
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