Wellington meetup anyone?
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Wed February 2 at 8:00 PM, Mighty Mighty
104 Cuba St, Wellington 6011, New Zealand (Map & Directions)
Hi folks, I just moved to Wellington recently and would love to meet the local mefite population. Anyone up for a meetup?
So far we're thinking Mighty Mighty at 8pm on Wednesday the 2nd of Feb.
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Yes, I'm up for it. It's been too long. I actually proposed one to samfarrow a few months ago, he said "great idea", and then I got distracted.

Venues: we have previously met at that Irish pub in Cuba St whose name I can't recall, and The Malthouse. I am fond of Mighty Mighty but generally open to suggestion.
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I'd be keen and my schedule is usually fairly free apres work so any day is likely to be a good one. There's countless places along Cuba and Courtney that have upstairsy bits ideal for meet-ups, it's just a matter of picking one and committing - for some reason I see the Malthouse as being a bit cramped for more than about five people, though I haven't spent much time there. But Mighty Mighty could be a good choice. Let's stick a pin in it unless there are later objections.
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Great to hear that there is some interest - doublehappy it sounds like you are the one with the tightest time constraints, do you know which days you will be in town?
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It looks like the Rugby 7s is on the 4th / 5th - so maybe the evening of the 3rd (a Thursday)? How do you all feel about that? Is there anyone else that has been to previous meetups that I should be giving a heads up about this thread (have sent a mefi mail to sam farrow just now)?
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jzed, that works for me.

For the last meet-up, I mefi-mailed everyone in the vicinity of my profile. I'm not sure that most people are aware of getting alerts from irl.metafilter.com yet, and I don't think anyone would mind.
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Right, I've spammed everyone who looks like they have an active account who lives nearby. We'll see if that drums up some more interest!
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Thanks for the spam, jzed. Pencil me in, I'll have to check with the household calendar tonight . I, too, am a fan of Mighty Mighty. Would also be up for something like a curry.
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I'd be keen, except I'm busy thursdays...
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Could we do Wednesday 2 February instead? Thursdays are no good for me either.
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Wednesday works for me.
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Thanks for the spam jzed.

I'd be keen for a meetup, but I'm afraid Feb 2 and 3 are no good for me. Don't rearrange on account of me though, I'll look to meetup with you guys next time around.
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Okay, so it looks like Wednesday the 2nd it is. So far the most votes are for Mighty Mighty, so I'm going to edit the thread to reflect that, but if anyone feels strongly that somewhere else is better then let me know and I can change it. Have put 8pm for now, let me know if y'all would prefer earlier/later.

We will def have to do another one soonish for the folks that can't attend this time around!
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Yeah, I saw that - no clue what has happened there. Something to do with the venue address / google map autocorrection malarky methinks.
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Hmm, and now it's changed back - weird!
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Looking forwards to meeting you all - I'll be wearing a green t-shirt!
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If you see someone looking very tall and very lost, that's me!
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Damn, didn't realise that Mighty Mighty was a gig venue too... looks like there might be something on this evening. I'm not sure if there is a separate bar from the gig space? In the event that there isn't, we can meet outside and pick somewhere else to head to. Sorry for the poor planning on my part folks!
posted by jzed at 9:44 PM on February 1, 2011

Whatever's on won't start till later and there's usually an area down the back... we should be ok, i think.
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Good to know, thanks!
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And so to bed.
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I am wiped out for various reasons but obviously my first duty is to upload photos.
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I've totally missed out on this :(
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Sorry Sam. We don't have to wait ages for the next one though. Clipperton made a good suggestion about some heinously bad movie which has a regular showing at the Paramount...
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