Eclipse Party on the Green Roof
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Wed August 23 at 6:00 PM, the house with the rainbow
5003 N Lombard St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
We've got this green roof with a great view of the morning sun. If anyone's left in town and has Monday morning off, we'll be hanging out & painting a stripe or two of rainbow onto the house until it's time to park ourselves on the green roof, eat treats and enjoy the lack of sunshine like Real Portlanders.
Painting optional, come enjoy our green roof in all its splendor!

Actual date/time was August 21, 9ish-11ish in the morning. Or was it evening? That one morning that felt like an evening.
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Cortex and I are in town, sounds like fun! We'd like to stop by and check out the roof and eclipse.
posted by Secretariat at 7:57 AM on August 19, 2017

Strudel and I are going to drive south a bit and stupidly try to get to totality hah, otherwise we'd join. Have fun guys! We'll probably be wondering why we didn't join you when it takes us 758292647592 hours to get back home after the eclipse.
posted by FireFountain at 10:45 AM on August 19, 2017

Oh! Neat! See you tomorrow! :D
posted by aniola at 9:46 PM on August 20, 2017

I'd love to come, but... where is it? :)
posted by churl at 10:00 PM on August 20, 2017

address sent!
posted by aniola at 9:30 AM on August 21, 2017 [1 favorite]

Thanks for having us! That was a good eclipse.
posted by Secretariat at 1:42 PM on August 21, 2017

Thanks for coming! It was a lot of fun.
posted by aniola at 8:54 AM on August 22, 2017

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