GenCon 50 - Indianapolis, IN
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Thu August 17 at 8:00 AM, Indiana Convention Center
100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN, USA (Map & Directions)
Going to GenCon, anyone else?
If we can do this, I'd prefer going somewhere with a non-alcoholic option (i.e. bars that don't give you the stinkeye if you order a soda).
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I'm not going to GenCon, but I live near Indianapolis.
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I'm not a GenCon goer, either. Sadly, there's no way in hell I'm driving to downtown Indy. I can handle the suburbs, but downtown puts me over the edge.

FWIW, my wife is always the soda-orderer and has never gotten so much as a flinch from a waiter. These days, I think establishments appreciate the concept of at least one person at the table being sober.

Oh, if you meet a young woman carrying a 6-foot boomerang and dressed as Sango, tell her Jim says 'Hi."
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The wife and I will be there all four days, though probably Saturday and Sunday will be better as we will have two kids with us the first two days (and you probably don't want them at a meetup.)
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Very, very sorry that I didn't follow up on this; I was concentrating on getting in line for the Starfinder book release, and then readjusting my body clock to get in on the only available Starfinder sessions, which were at 2 AM. Maybe next year? I'll post something further in advance if no one else does first.
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