Burning Man / BRC / Black Rock City / Playa
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Thu August 31 at 1:00 PM, Shantitown at 6:15 and E
Black Rock City, NV, USA (Map & Directions)
Squeee! It's that time of year again. Anyone wanna propose a when and where?
OK I've just confirmed us for Shantitown at 6:15 and E, August 31, 2017 @ 1:00 PM local time!
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Also known as my annual promise (and almost certain failure) to make it to the BRC MeFi meetup! I'm part of an art car crew this year, so we won't have a homebase per se where I could host, but I'm keeping an eye on this thread...
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Damn ... Sure hope we get a few more interested MeFites soon.
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Most folks I know have been taking the last few years off, for various reasons. I think the fire will be back in 2018, but my hubby and I are going on hiatus after this year. Guess our party cycles are off...
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Yay, ZenMasterThis! I was just coming here to make/look for this post.

I'd be happy to host this year. I camp with Shantitown at 6:15 and E. We have a comfy, shaded plounge (pillow lounge).

Open to suggestions on timing, but I tend to like something middday.
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"Pillow lounge" and "midday" sound like a good combination to me.

We are definitively nightburners, so anything happening before noon is probably not gonna happen for us this year, but I'd be happy with something in the 1-2pm range!
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How about Wednesday, Aug 30th @ 2:00 PM (after the Pub Crawl)?
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hmm my whole camp actually is on a giant pizza delivery mission Wednesday afternoon, I should have mentioned that.

What about 2pm Thursday?
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I have a 2:45p Arctica shift at ICE 9 on Thursday, but don't schedule this around me!
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Hello! I'm going to try to make it this year -- this will be my first IRL meetup ever, after 11+ years on Metafilter.

(I tried last year but actually got there on Thursday because I had written it down wrong.. won't happen this time!)
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I'm down with 2pm Thursday at Shantitown. Let's make it firm!
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yes to making this firm!

How about we say 1pm at Shantitown so that mykescipark can stop by for a bit if so inclined?
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An earlier start time would be lovely of you!
posted by mykescipark at 11:20 PM on August 20, 2017

mykescipark: you mean earlier than 1:00?
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No, 1pm is fine :-)
posted by mykescipark at 2:27 PM on August 21, 2017

Great! See y'all then! :D
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I'm clicking maybe which is really really remote in that I don't have a ticket and am on the other side of the country but who knows perhaps some billionaire will waltz by and need a spare bag carrier on his jet landing on 88NV - Black Rock City Airport. But with you all flaming pillows in spirit.
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Well, my partner had to be taken off the playa due to a really severe case of heat stroke last night, so we're back in Reno. Not gonna make it after all. Thanks for accommodating the time change though. :-(
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