Bojack Horseman Season 4!
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Sat September 9 at 4:30 PM, Our SE Apartment!
6110 SE 52nd Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi all - last year we got together to watch the first several episodes of Season 3 of Bojack once it was released. Want to do it again? Season 4 is scheduled to drop on Netflix on Friday September 8th!!
Strudel and I can host again at our apartment in SE unless someone else would rather. We have that entire weekend open - let me know what you guys think! I'm so excited about the return of the show!

Also - this year, you still have 1 month to catch up on all the episodes to prepare yourselves for Season 4 - go have at it!!! :-D

They posted the Season 4 Official Trailer!

UPDATE: Setting this for Saturday the 9th at 4:30; but, it's still open to discussion if another day works better for everyone...we'll have that weekend pretty much open so let us know if one of the other options I have in my comment below works better for you, thanks!
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Ooh, I'd enjoy some further co-Bojackery.
posted by cortex at 11:54 AM on August 12, 2017

Yay! Ok when it gets closer to the release date we can see how everyone's schedules are looking and then pick something that works for most. I'll check back in a week or two!
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Yeah, sounds like fun!
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Hi all - was thinking about our options. First, I was checking the weather and it looks like it's going to remain hot into next week. We do not have air conditioning but we do have a ton of fans. So, I was wondering if people would prefer to postpone a week. If you're okay with it being not super cold in our apartment, here's some options for Bojacking next week:

- Friday night the 8th, 7pm. We'd likely make dinner foods/snacks and drinks.
- Saturday the 9th - 2pm, we would probably still make foods/drinks :-), or we could do later Saturday, around 7pm
- Sunday the 10th, 2pm, ditto food.

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Any of the 8/9/10 sounds pretty good to me!
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Aw dang, somehow I forgot this was Saturday- inspired by the metafilter catio thread, we're going to the catio tour from 10-2. What would people think about starting a little later, maybe 4:30? Or evening, if that works better for folks.
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I'm okay with starting it later, we just randomly picked a time. I'll update it to 4:30 for now, let me know if something else works better for everyone. Weather forecast looks good now, 68 on Saturday.
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Hi guys - for anyone still thinking about coming, feel free, we'll have food and we'll be here :-) Also please note, if you drive here, the parking lot is for residents only so please don't park there, but there is plenty of street parking around. If you take the bus, we're right by the stop for the 19 and 71 too. Maybe see some of you later, if not, have a great weekend!
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I'm still hoping we can make it! We have something earlier in the afternoon that might run long, though, which is why we're still down as a maybe.
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No worries. We can also start later if you guys want - anyway, feel free to do whatever. For food, we're going with taco/Mexico food bar with veggie and meat options so there will be food if you're hungry! :-D
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On our way!
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Also on our way!
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Forgot the apt #!
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We are here! What's the apartment number?
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It turns out the apartment number was in our hearts all along.
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Here in
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