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Is anyone planning to drive from Atlanta into the eclipse's zone of totality on the 21st? Wanna make a MeFi road trip of it?
I'm coming to Atlanta for the first time (from Boston) as a home base to see the solar eclipse, but I'm still figuring out my plan for getting into the zone of totality on the day of. It just hit me: this would be a GREAT Metafilter road trip!

So, anybody interested in getting together in Atlanta to head up there? I can't drive but will happily pay gas!
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I am in the middle of a two-week family road trip right now. I will have just gotten back home by the time the eclipse starts, so I'm going to have to settle for a partial eclipse in Jacksonville Florida. Sorry. :(
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Sorry but like the comment above we are just south of Jacksonville and will be content with viewing the partial from our backyard.
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Where are you thinking of going from Atlanta? I live in Aiken SC, just across the GA state line near Augusta (2 hrs SE of Atlanta). South Carolina will have a front row seat for the eclipse. Might be easier to head east, rather than north. Just not sure what you meant by "head up there." I'm planning to work that day, but if there's any interest in a road trip to or gathering in SC, I'd be game!
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jhope71, from what I can see from the map it looks like the quickest route from Atlanta into the zone of totality is northeast towards Anderson and Greenville via 85, so that's what I was vaguely planning, but I'm very open to alternative route ideas!
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ostro, cool! We'll see if there are any other suggestions here in the thread and go from there.
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I'm planning on heading over to Blairsville.
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I'm in Nashville, within the area for viewing, so I'm popping out of work to see it. But if there's a meetup that night, I'm down.
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I was hoping to drive down to Brevard from Asheville, but my wife has jury duty that day, so I'll be stuck at the shop, probably. So 99% for me :(
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I am planning to drive from Atlanta to near Greenville, but may switch to a different destination depending on the weather forecast. I am concerned that traffic will be a nightmare though.
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It's coming right over Charleston which is a great town but apparently we have something like a million people coming down to see it. It's going to be sort of a traffic and people nightmare I'm afraid. I'll be viewing it from my back deck hopefully or a friend's pool away from the chaos.

That being said most of SC is in the ideal viewing zone so there are plenty of places that would be good for it.
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I'm out, y'all. I have to have a procedure on my shoulder next week and can't take Eclipse Day off. Have fun wherever you end up and use protection!
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Ended up joining an Urban Explorers Atlanta group that's taking a bus to Tiger Mountain Vineyards. We're leaving at 9:00 AM, which will hopefully leave plenty of time for what would normally be a ~2-hour drive -- and if we get there earlier than expected, there'll be plenty of wine to keep us busy :p
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Won't be heading to ATL, I'm right across the bridge from This Guy in Mt. P. Just got my ISO-certified glasses today! Thinking the beach would be a cool place, but then I think ALOT of people will have the same idea... so just may be viewing from my yard.
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Well, Local Toddler's school trip to Blairsville got cancelled on account of Blairsville is already full. So I'll be here on the farm where we'll get 99.2% totality and that's going to have to be good enough. The neighbors are coming over and some folks are coming up from the city. So if you don't have anyplace better to go, MeMail me.
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