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Sun February 6 at 11:00 AM, Tokyo Sea Life Park
Japan, Tokyo Edogawa臨海町6丁目2 (Map & Directions)
Small human & I are leaving for Cairns at the end of February - would love to catch up before we move on Feb 12 or 13. Probably afternoon and outside is better - maybe a picnic in Yoyogi park? Alternatively grabbing nikuman and gyoza in Chukagai, Yokohama and running wildly around Yamashita koen is fun too.
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WHAAA? You're leaving Japan! Aww, gomichild, I always figured you for a long-termer! Well, heck! Anyway, yeah, a meetup for sure, I say!

But, um... outside in February? I dunno... I'm less of a "yeah! this is bracing!" type of person and more of a "good god, it's f-f-f-f-fuggin COLD!" type of person... And as far as Yokohama, that'd be a stretch for me. I've got a gig Sunday night in Tokyo, so keeping things in Tokyo would be aces.

Available days for me are: Feb 1, 4-6 or 11.
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Well I have been here more than 14 years, isn't that long enough?

I'm ok with Tokyo - but will have to think harder about where to go because we currently are not able to sit in one place for more than 5 minutes!
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I'd definitely like to come, although I'm sorry to hear you're leaving. I'm free on the sixth, or afternoonish on the fifth. I'd also be more into an inside thing, if it's doable.
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Just got a IRL reminder about this! I'm surprised and sad to hear you're leaving, gomichild. I definitely want to say goodbye before you go. I can do Jan 30 or 31 or Feb 6 and 11 for weekends/holidays. If flapjax can do Feb 1, and others are up for a weekday meetup, I'll try to make it. I can't do Feb 4 or 5.

As for the place... it's been a long time since I lived with a toddler, so I've conveniently forgotten what it's like to have to chase one around. And since you're leaving so soon, I thought maybe you'd like to choose where you'd like to do this. I... I'll brave the cold... I'm a soccer mom, after all...
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OK let's make it Feb 6 - and I'm working on the location!
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Cool, count me in for the 6th.
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I'm in for the 6th, hopefully Tokyo-ish, but I can go further afield.
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OK how about we meet at Tokyo Station at 11:00am, pick up bento, and take a 15 min train ride to the (mostly inside) Tokyo Sea Life Park?

The "huge donut-shaped tank (2,200t), where bluefin tunas swim around freely" sounds cool. And the huge glass atrium!
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That sounds fantastic. I've wanted to check out some of the aquariums here for a while.
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I'll be there! My son might come along, too, depending on his bukatsu soccer practice that day. Now that he's officially learning English at school, he's wondering if it's possible to actually, you know, communicate with what he's learned so far.
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Meet outside Yaesu South Ticket Gate at 11:00am.

We will get bento and then get on the Keiyo line to the aquarium!

I can be texted at gomichild@gmail.com anytime.
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Ooops forgot to link to a map of Tokyo station - Map
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If anyone is interested, you can get some pretty nice bento lunches inside the station. There's a new-ish shop/bento area called Tokyo Gransta on the basement floor (under the main concourse, same level as where you come out from the Sobu/Yokosuka lines. They have some pretty good food, even Thai food bentos. Highly recommended.

Kasai is actually closer to me than Tokyo, so I might just meet you all at Kasairinkaikoen Station.
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No worries Ghidorah we can easily meet you at Kasairinkaikoen Station. Ta for the bento link!
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If I can 'get away', I'll try and get down there, too; I've never had a chance to see that place yet ... (Although Sunday mid-day at a popular public aquarium is going to be hairy, for sure!)
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Hope to be there with the brood but can't say until later. Sorry to hear Gomichild is leaving :~(
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Been there before in the summer and it's quite busy. I think it won't be too crowded in the winter. If we go, we'll probably drive (so would meet you at the aquarium).
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Hope to see you both woodblock100 & gen!
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I'll be there, Yaesu South Ticket Gate at 11:00am, with a horned viking helmet on my head and rainbow-colored platform heels on my feet. And you'll recognize me by the electric hot pink sousaphone I'll be blowing.
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Do you think that's sensible flapjax? I'm a bit concerned you'll blend in.
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OK, the beige sousaphone, then.
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OK, I'm in (I think). I have an appointment in Urayasu later in the day, so this will be a great chance to kill two birds ...

But if I'm not there at Yaesu, don't 'wait up' for me; I'll meet you at the tuna tank ... or someplace out there. The sousaphone shouldn't be hard to find .~.~
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We're in too. We'll be going by car, so we'll meet you there. Is the plan to eat lunch in the park before the aquarium? Do we have an idea of where we'll meet? 11:30 ish?
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Yeah the plan is to eat lunch and then wander around in the aquarium. I'll memail you my number just in case.
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Looking forward to it. Looks like Mrs. Flapjax will be in attendance as well.
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Thanks for the fun afternoon guys! Lovely to see you!
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Yeah, it was great to see everyone! I'll post some pix soon!
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It was great to meet some new folks, and to see Woodblock again. We should definitely do these more often.
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Had fun! Yes, let's do these more often!
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Sheesh, am I the last one home? (Sorry to run away a bit early today - I ended up being bang on time for my next appointment in Urayasu ...)

Great choice of place today; I'm headed back there for sure! (Although probably not on a Sunday afternoon next time ~)

Looking forward to next time!
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Photos please!
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Oh, hey, thanks for the photos! We look great!
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Well, everyone else does... I'm not usually so scowly. I was looking at the sun! It was really bright! I was deep in thought! I'd just smelt that which someone had dealt!

Photography and I don't mix well.
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Scowly? No way! You were just engrossed in the deep and engaging conversation that characterized this meetup, man! I think we were discussing new developments in particle physics at that point? Or was it 7th century Chinese history? Well, anyway...
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It was Wittgenstein. Definitely Wittgenstein, over a game of backgammon.
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