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Mon July 10 at 7:00 PM, Novare Res
4 Canal Plaza, Portland, ME, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm vacationing in Maine and would like to meet the locals!
I'm blowing through your state and would love to meet some of you while I check out your best ale house. Flexible on the time. Would also love to hear your other Portland/Maine suggestions!
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Hi! Welcome to our excellent city! I'm afraid this is too short notice for me to arrange kid care or I'd love to drink beer with you. Have fun!
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Yay, I can come!

If the weather is nice, take the ferry (Casco Bay Lines) to Peaks Island. I don't keep up, but there will be someplace to have a nice lunch. The Umbrella Cover Museum on Peaks Is. is unique and charming.

Novare Res is in the Old Port. Shopping, walking, generally pleasant and interesting. Portland burned to the ground and got rebuilt all at once, so the Old Port has consistent architecture that is pretty charming.

Portland Head Light is the quintessential lighthouse and the park is a good place for a picnic.

Here's a pretty good list. Eartha(Yarmouth) is way cool, and LL Bean(Falmouth) is worth a visit.
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Oh, eek, I checked this before I went to bed last night and decided to change my plans since no one could make it. So I will no longer be in Portland this evening. Maybe another visit. :-(
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You are psychic, came in to say it wasn't going to work for me. Next time!
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But thank you for the list! I decided to do the cryptozoology museum.
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