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I'll be in Hong Kong doing research through the end of July, and I'd love to meet a few HK-based Mefites. Would folks be up for getting together--I'm thinking an inexpensive noodle shop for dinner, then/or an earlyish drink--sometime in the next few weeks?
My only caveat being that I'm busy on weekends (usually including evenings), and like to leave many of my weekday evenings free since the fieldwork I'm doing is more fruitful when the workday's over and people are more relaxed and less in business mode--so if there's somehow a critical mass of people who'd like to meet for a leisurely lunch or teatime, that would be ideal. I know it's a stretch but I'm mentioning it just in case!
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Weekday lunches are difficult, but doable if you would be willing to meet in either Hong Kong Island East (Quarry Bay) or Shatin (10000 buddhas monastery?). Honestly dinner, early drink is a better option for me. I go on Annual Leave on 21 July, but am relatively available before that. I live in Sai Ying Pun.
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Shatin would be easier for me – I live in Tai Po.
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Shatin after work is also doable.
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Shatin sounds great if someone else will pick the place! Say, some evening this week, maybe Thursday?
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I can do Wednesday or Friday, but not Thursday I fear.
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Hi all,

If it's going to be Wednesday, please check in and let me know today. I can choose a restaurant if you give me some idea as to preference?

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I'm moving slowly enough that all of your Fridays may be spoken for already, but if not, shall we try for this Friday?
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I'm really sorry, but I could do Friday only on Hong Kong Island. I just got a meeting at 6 there-- I could meet after 7 in Soho or Central for a bite? But that may be way out of everyone's way. Next week I'm not available Monday-Thursday evenings, but could potentially do next Friday. If the two of you want to meet up otherwise, don't plan around me...
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That would work even better for me; are others inclined to come all that way for a meetup?
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I won't be able to make it out, alas, but have fun!
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Just let me know what you want to do. I have nothing on Friday except being on HKI. No hard feelings any which way. :)
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