July London Meetup
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Tue July 4 at 6:00 PM, The Banker
The Banker, 2 Cousin Ln, London EC4R 3TE, UK (Map & Directions)
It continues! A meetup for London every month for 2017 (and hopefully beyond)
  • Tuesday, July 4th
  • The Banker, Near Canon Street
  • Post work. (so 1830ish) onwards.
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I'll put myself down as a maybe again, but so far it has seemed that Tuesdays aren't great for me. Fingers crossed.
posted by knapah at 6:33 AM on June 18 [1 favorite]

Hey folks, are we on for this?
posted by radiocontrolled at 5:48 AM on July 4

I should be there sometime between 6.30 and 7. I assume that'll be me and JTGYK at the very least.
posted by permafrost at 6:26 AM on July 4

I didn't realise it was today! I'll try to make it.
posted by nerdfish at 6:44 AM on July 4

Hey. Ok, I'm here outside, sitting in the steps that lead down to the water, and wearing a baby blue tshirt and cap.
posted by radiocontrolled at 10:26 AM on July 4

Update, we're inside, sitting near the windows under the arch facing the water.
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As predicted, Tuesdays are not really a goer for me. Hope you all had fun.
posted by knapah at 1:24 PM on July 4

Oh no!
Sorry for missing this! I've been crazy busy and somehow forgot it was even on. How embarrassing!

Hope you all had fun and there were enough folk there.
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 3:24 AM on July 5

Sorry, all. In the middle of a stressful finding-somewhere-else-to-live. I'll be freshly moved in come August, and maybe that means I'll be relaxed and at-home enough that I can afford a couple of hours on a train on a weekday evening to see some lovely people.

Hope you all enjoyed it!
posted by ambrosen at 4:34 PM on July 5

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