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I am an underemployed person looking to get more structure in my life. Wondering if there are fellow underemployed or self-employed MeFites who might want to meet in a common space periodically and go about their business (or pleasure) in the excellent company of one another in the East Bay area (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito).
Howdy local MeFites. Anybody want to meet up with me at a cafe with wifi, or my apartment, or elsewhere to exchange quips, do work, and offer mutual support simply by being in proximity to one another? I have found such things helpful in the past; perhaps others have as well. Give a shout if you're interested.
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Yes! I'm in Berkeley.
posted by likethenight at 2:51 PM on June 16, 2017

I'm working on stuff from home all summer. I may benefit from being around people so I don't lapse into browsing, er, this site all day.
posted by shapes that haunt the dusk at 5:41 PM on June 16, 2017

Also, I'm in Oakland, but I think I can ride the bus for free.
posted by shapes that haunt the dusk at 5:47 PM on June 16, 2017

Possibly me too, but I am still trying to sort out my summer schedule. Depending on timing, I might be able to host at my office, a block from downtown Berkeley BART.
posted by ktkt at 11:03 PM on June 16, 2017

Count me in. I have a full-time job - but it's at my laptop, working from home; I can do it from anywhere that has wifi. Other than the few days that have webex meetings planned, much of my day is replying to emails and moving data between folders and spreadsheets.

Would love to be around people so I don't spend my between-tasks time driving myself into a panic over politics.

I'm in Oakland very close to Fruitvale BART station; anywhere near BART is "nearby" for me.
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Hi, I often use the word "underemployed" to describe myself too, and I'm interested. I live in El Cerrito but my computer thinks I live in Albany; I have a car so I guess I can meet wherever really. Thanks!
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I might be down for this, too. I'm currently freelancing, which means occasional long gaps in-between gigs, during which I hit up lynda.com and try to learn new things. Might be nice to do that in good company.

I'm in Oakland near Mills College.
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I hope this comes to pass, and that you're all still meeting next spring when I'm back!
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I'm interested! I am a consultant and work from home. I enjoy it but I have benefited from co-working.

I'm right near the Rockridge BART.
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Yay! I thought nobody was interested because I hadn't gotten any messages. This is great!!! ktkt, if you could host that would be awesome. If not, I'll find another place. Kindly check your schedule and let me know.

Next question: Is there a particular day that works for most people? Wednesdays are bad for me in general. What about the rest of you?
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For now, how about meeting up at Cafe Dejena, which is located at 3939 Martin Luther King Jr Way and 40th street, about a half block from the MacArthur Bart Station. I've never been there but it has good Yelp reviews, is roughly midway between El Cerrito and the Fruitvale station, and has our friend free wifi.

I thought Wednesdays were bad for me because I have something at 3 pm but instead, I'll just make our first meeting earlier. How about Wednesday, June 28, between 11 am and 2 pm? Naturally folks can show up earlier and stay later than me. Whatever works for you is fine by me.
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Hey everyone who is interested in meeting up, Cortex has asked me to keep down the posting so I'll probably post monthly with dates for meet ups listed weekly inside that post.

If you would like to meet up for co-working and socialising fun, please MeMail me with your email address. And if you have a best day/time to meet, let me know so I can mix it up a bit so different people have the opportunity to drop by on different weeks.

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