Meetup in Montréal
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Sun August 13 at 6:30 PM, Terrasse St-Ambroise
5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montréal, QC H4C 2G1, Canada (Map & Directions)
I'm visiting Montreal from 4-14 August and I'd love to meet some MeFis while I'm there if anyone is around and interested in meeting up.
Looks like we're doing Sunday 13th, 6:30pm at Terrasse St-Ambroise. Yay!
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I think I can actually do this! Meet ups never work out for me so it's kind of a miracle. It's a long way off but I have no plans for that weekend. I'd be fine for the Sunday. What area of town are you staying in?
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Awesome! I'm staying at McGill university.

I know it's still a long way off, sorry. I just booked my flights, so got over excited about the trip already!
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I'm going to be in Montreal that weekend for Wikimania and could meet up!
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Wow, I don't know how I didn't know about Wikimania already. The reason I'm in Montreal is the Digital Humanities Conference, and you'd think they'd be cross-promoting Wikimania, since it's totally in their space. (I imagine that some of the Wikimania keynotes are in town for DH2017 already anyway).

I'll have to think about whether I want to go to Wikimania too, now. But I suspect I might be a bit over-conferenced by that point in time, and I don't want to miss out on sightseeing either...
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i'm in...
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A few suggestions for a weekend cinq à sept then. These are all reachable by metro/walking. Else's requires food be ordered with drinks.

Close to McGill, Brutopia. In the Plateau, Else's. Or down by the Lachine Canal, La Terrace Saint Ambroise.
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I hope I can make it.
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Excellent! Cuke's suggestions are good. Another, more cocktail-y Plateau area suggestion is the Big in Japan Bar.
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I'm not sure if I'll be in town that weekend, but if I am I'll be there!
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Yes yes yes!!! I'll actually be back in Canada for this brief period of time, and would LOVE to join a meet-up!! I'm on holiday, so anywhere, at any time, is good for me. Hooray!! :)
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My vote then would be Brutopia or La Terrace St Ambroise, because they look the most flexible on terms of whether people want to order food or not.

Tsuga, what time are you free from Wikimania?

And does anyone have a preference for Saturday vs Sunday? (Sunday might work better for me because there are conference excursions on the Saturday that haven't had details announced yet, so I don't know if there's one I'll want to go on and what time it will end if so. But I think there's a high chance I won't do one, and even if so, I'm sure they'll be finished by early evening.)
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Apologies for my slow reply. I had to figure out my schedule. Either Saturday or Sunday evening would work for me. The conference is at the Sheraton downtown (1201 Boulevard René-Lévesque O). It looks like Brutopia is really close to there, but I could probably travel if there is another venue that would be better.
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I'm fine for either Saturday or Sunday. Brutopia is very central, an easy walk from McGill or the Sheraton and located close to stations on both the green and orange line of the metro. It sounds like the winner.
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So I was talking off-thread with someone who said Brutopia gets too loud and bro-y to have a conversation when it's busy, which I think would be kind of disappointing. So I'm just going to make an executive decision and say La Terrace Saint Ambroise, and apologies to anyone for whom that's hard to get to. Tsuga, I looked to see what time Wikimania winds up in the evening, and it looks like it finishes around 6pm, and will take you about 30 minutes to get there (sorry), so if we plan to meet from around 6:30pm (on the Sunday), that should hopefully work for you?

I will change the meet-up from proposed to confirmed, with these details, but I can still be swayed (probably too easily) by popular opinion if anyone has strong objections.
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6:30 works for me!

And I don't like conversing in overloud bars, so La Terrace Saint Ambroise sounds good!
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The Terrace St. Ambroise is beautiful and close to me. See y'all there!
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Excellent! It is actually more convenient for me as well.
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Dang I'm visiting Montreal with family but leaving that Saturday. La Terrace sounds nice-- I'll put it on our list!
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I'm here. How do I find the metafilter peeps?
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And, I'm off by a week. That makes sense.
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If I am able to make it, it will probably be late. If y'all move on from St Ambroise, let me know where you end up!
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Oh no! 256, I just saw your update. I hope you can come this Sunday too!

Vasi, hopefully someone will be able to update here if we move on somewhere else, or if we wind up before you arrive. I won't have a working data connection so I can't, but no doubt others do.
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256 did reconnaissance.
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How do I find the metafilter peeps?
In the olden days one used to approach strangers with the question, "Are you friends of Matt?" But I guess we have change it to Cortex now...
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I'll be wearing bright red sandals.

(And so you'll have to wander the place surreptitiously peering under the tables at people's feet.)
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I have a slightly too tight Metafilter t-shirt I can wear. I also have bright yellow glasses and a bob with bangs. I'll try and arrive on time so I can be a meetup beacon. I think I'm going to bike over as the weather is decent.
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I'll be wearing a blue Wikimania 2017 t shirt.
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lollusc and I are here. We are sitting outside on the terrace/patio in the area with all the picnic tables and the red umbrellas. Our table is right in front of the chain link fence. See you soon :)
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Lovely to meet all of you. Excellent choice of venue. Let's do it again sometime!
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It was a pleasure to meet all of you and share some beer and pizza. Safe travels to lollusc and hasna. Tsuga, I hope the drive home went smoothly.
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Very nice evening, it was nice meeting all of you.

My travel home, while probably the shortest, resulted in a sprained ankle after my inglorious tripping on a perfectly good sidewalk on the way to the metro. Well, at least I got out of going to work today!
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