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Fri January 28 at 9:00 PM, People's Republik
878 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Bostonian Metafilterians, Unite! [At the People's Republik at 9PM on Friday January 28]
We should have a meetup. It has been forever since we have had one, and a lot of people in this thread have said that they might come. I suggest next weekend, the evening of either the 28th or 29th, and a venue somewhere along the Red Line in Cambridge, although I am certainly open to places across the river as well. I was thinking a bar or dinner scene. Any suggestions?

[No more suggestions. We're meeting at the People's Republik at 9PM on Friday January 28.]
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You can probably count me in.

I like The Field and Miracle of Science near Central except they might be a touch noisy for our purposes.

I vote for Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square.
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We've done Cambridge Brewing Company with pretty good success before. Tommy Doyle's was also not bad (they had karaoke), but it was a little difficult to hear. I would do either again.
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I'll be out of town, but would love to catch the next one...
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I'd definitely try to make it if I'm in town. I like all the places mentioned above (MoS burgers, they are so tasty)--but I'd put out an appeal for doing this somewhere we can mill about and talk to multiple people (i.e., bar), rather than getting locked into a long table (i.e., restaurant). Or meet at the bar, and then sit down.

There are so many cool Boston-area Mefites and we don't meet all that often. I want to meet everyone! These dinner affairs mean mostly not meeting everyone.
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I also like the "seriously it has been fart oolong" tag, and I hope our meetup can raise awareness of tea-related gastrointestinal discomfort. Hear the call to action under the slogan "Silent=Deadly."
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I'll be gone that weekend too, but I hope to catch the next one! And I agree about the long table problem. Bars are maybe a better venue, provided it's not one where they crank the music too loud for talking...
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NOOO! Don't schedule a meetup on the ONE weekend I won't be around. Would enough people be willing to move it to the next weekend? I like you guys.

Red Line/Cambridge anywhere is good, and I do have to put in a vote for a venue that isn't loud and allows for circulation. If there was some sort of activity we could all do, that might be a good change. Except bowling. I don't like bowling.
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There's a place down the street from me - Joe Sent Me - that might fit the bill. It's a bar first, restaurant second kind of place, seat yourself, not terribly loud, and they have dartboards. I've never been there on a weekend, but I doubt it'll get so packed that we can't find a corner to loiter.
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I could maybe probably make this.

Joe Sent Me is a pretty good place, maybe a 5 minute walk down Linear Park from Davis. I used to do trivia there just about every week, although we haven't been there in at least a year. It'd be too small for some of our bigger meetups, but it'd be a good place for a dozenish folks.
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Instead of Cambridge Brewing Company, maybe Think Tank, in the same complex? It has good cocktails, video games, and a photo both. Or Joe Sent Me would probably work if we aimed on the early side - doesn't it get pretty crowded on a Saturday night?
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I should be able to make it. Mr. explosion will be out of town.

Cambridge Brew Co is super-rad, but I can't recall if they have a full bar or not. Will people who don't drink beer be ok with wine?

People's Republik in Central could be a good option if we're aiming for more of a bar thing. IIRC, they don't get too busy until much later in the night. Also, they have darts.

I heart Atwoods Tavern on Cambridge Street, but it might be annoying for people to get there. It's a little bit of a walk from Lechmere or Kendall.
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I would potentially head into Cambridge for this.
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The next weekend would be better for me, too, though I'll try to make it whenever it is! I agree that more bar, less restaurant would be best.
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I'm weekend agnostic, so if people want to move it, I'm happy to try to join whenever it's ultimately scheduled.
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I'll also be out of town the weekend of the 28th, but if it happens to slide back to any other weekend, I'm in!
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I'd be up for People's Republik - I've never been and I'm pretty curious about it. Either weekend is fine for me.
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I'm probably up for it, either weekend is probably okay for me.
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I totally forgot about this Greasemonkey script:
This is an alphabet thread! The next letter is: I
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Just so you know, I am available that weekend. Tommy Doyle's in Harvard would be ideal. Please let's not go anyplace in the Kendall Square Wasteland area.
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(Also, I used "Just" to screw with Plutor's head.)
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Also in, mostly indifferent toward any location in Camberville along the Red Line, aside from, perhaps, the bar Red Line.
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You know, we could do *two* meetups. Y'all "I'm around for the 28thers" can meet then... and then we can meet again, when silly folk like myself are back in town (I'm not back until the weekend of Feb 18).
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Two meetups? Inconceivable!

I have no suggestions as I don't know Davis nearly as well as I used to (and I'm still lamenting the loss of the Someday Cafe), but I'm very much for a meetup. Just about any day works for me, though motivation to leave home decreases with lower temperatures*. If the effective temp is about 0F, I'll likely be there.

* Though I was out at 2am with my spray bottle tending to my icicle farm (which collapsed as soon as the morning sun touched it :( ).

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Out of town for a good part of next weekend. Weekend after I could maybe come in for a meet up. Depending when/where it was, both me and Dr.E. may be able to come (cameo by Toddler Zizzle would also be probable.)

Well, I'll commit or not once a definitive time is posted.
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As giraffe mentioned, I'm out of town this coming weekend, but the first weekend of February is good for me.
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OK, well, for this weekend's meetup, let's say Friday night, and let's go to one of the three places seconded in the thread: Joe Sent Me, Tommy Doyle's, or People's Republik. Any of the three is fine with me.

Anyone else have thoughts on which place we go to?
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I think I'd like to try People's Republik.
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I'm up for any of the three venues. Call it!
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Just trying to get the alphabet thread back on track. Any of those three sounds good. I should be able to make it on Friday. Call it! Would be up for a second meetup sometime in the future, of course. :-)

and I'm still lamenting the loss of the Someday Cafe

Oh man, every time I get food at Mr. Crepe, it's tinged with sadness because I'm in the space formerly occupied by the Someday. If it were pretty much anywhere else I'd be thinking "nice place, good atmosphere, and the supercrepe is really good." But instead I'm thinking "these people are desecrating the memory of the Someday." And then I go back to eating my delicious supercrepe, dammit.
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People's Republik it is, then! Say 9 o'clock? 8?

Now to see if I can edit/confirm this.
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Confirmed! Let me know if you think the time should change.
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See you there! (Unless I trick someone into going to the overpriced Decemberists concert with me). How will we find MeFites? Should I wear a flower in my lapel?
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maryr: "How will we find MeFites? Should I wear a flower in my lapel?"

You should shout very loudly, "HI I'M ON METAFILTER DO YOU HAVE BEANS ON THE MENU BECAUSE I WANT TO OVERTHINK THEM MY GOOD MAYTRUH DEE," and someone will direct you to your seat.
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"Hi! I'm from the internet" usually works.
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This is still the "no pants" meetup, right?
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I'll be wearing a dress, dunno about the rest of you menfolk.
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Can't make it. Wrong time. Wrong day.

Though the place sounds nice.
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Just a heads up for everyone, it looks like the bar is cash only.
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Dammit, I can't drink cash.
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It's just a matter of chemistry. You need a strong solvent, like ethanol. Then you can drink all the cash you want!
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Well, crap in a hat, but now I'm out of town this weekend. Dear, dear darlings, I pine to see you again. When's the next one?
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What? meetup? Maybe.
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Comrade Admiral, it's whenever you post one on IRL.
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Turns out tonight won't work for me. (I might be able to swing by late, maybe)

The following weekend is still fairly clear for me, tho, for SECOND MEETUP.
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I got my Fridays confused. Can't do tonight. Poop. I'll catch you all at the next one.
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It's looking more likely that I can make this, at least for an hour or two. Who picked 9pm? Sheesh you guys, I'm no spring chicken anymore.
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Damnation! I have plans for tonight. I'll see if I can tetris my schedule and drop by for a quick pint. I'm not making any beer-related promises.
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I'm getting on the T right now.
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Got stuck at work late which leaves bus options slim. Don't think I can even get to the Red Line until almost 10 and I still haven't had dinner. Don't suppose anyone there is checking this and can tell me how late you guys will be there? 'Cause I don't think I can make it before 10:30...
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We're here at People's Republik, just inside the front door. I will keep wearing my MeFi tshirt until it gets too cold.
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OK, en route, will check when free internet allows. Stupid buses, only running hourly at night...
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The meetup was awesome! Thanks to all who came. I don't really have much more to report, other than that the beer was reasonably priced and delicious, and that mefites are just as cool in real life as they are on the internet.
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Oh dammit, I totally missed this thread.
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I had a good time, it was nice to meet all you people. I liked People's Republik more than I remembered liking it my last time there. Good choice.

naoko, a lot of people couldn't make this one, so there's another one in the planning stages. Don't miss it, too!
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I came to see what meetups might be in store for boston and I SEE I'VE MISSED IT BY ONE DAY AGAIN.

I moved to seattle but I miss all of you.
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Are you on the Right or Left coast now? More importantly, where will you be this coming weekend? (if you cannot determine this in any other way, look outside: are there piles of snow somewhere between waist-high and 15' high? if so, you're not in seattle.)
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