The Empress Visits Baltimore
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Hi Folks - this is totally last-minute, but my life is a little nuts. but - I'm going to be in Baltimore for Memorial Day Weekend. In the interest of trying to save time deciding, I'll throw out an idea and a date - brunch on Sunday the 28th? Who's down?
I'm staying in an AirBnB in Remington, but otherwise have no concept of what would be a good neighborhood to focus on.
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The Papermoon Diner is just north of Remington in Charles Village. It is popular though, so it might be crowded! Papermoon Diner
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Lots of great restaurants in B-more, but also likely to be big crowds and wait times. Are you going to have a car, or relying on public transportation/walking? Any dietary restrictions or preferences?
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Not sure yet if I'll be able to join, but just wanted to throw out R House as another brunch option. It can be a bit of a pain to get a table, but you get tons of food options and can usually carve out a space for a group (I've done 25-person happy hours and book club meetings there before).
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I have no car. I also have no dietary restrictions.

But I fear I may have been too last-minute this time, as it sounds like people just aren't all that available (and I am thinking of going to Ft. McHenry tomorrow morning early anyway, now).

But if anyone has ideas for lunch or dinner on Sunday instead that could work. And I suspect this won't be my only trip.
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I'm not sure I could make it tomorrow but R house is a pretty good location for something like this (and pretty good in general), and probably very close to where you are staying. (It's been a while since a Baltimore meetup!)
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I am available, but this is a bad weekend to plan something at the last minute for people who don't know each other.. I'll watch this space, but if you're sure there'll be a next time, it might be better then.
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