Albuquerque Meetup
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Mon January 24 at 6:00 PM, Anodyne
409 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Albuquerque! Want to hang out this weekend?
I'll be in town from Friday 1/21 until Tuesday 1/25, so if anyone's available to hang out I'd love to meet you!

Sunday or Monday evening work best for me, as I arrive Friday afternoon and have dinner plans on Saturday night. However if Friday works best for everyone else I won't say no. Who am I to refuse the Internet?

I grew up in Rio Rancho and and it's been years and years since I've been back, so I can't suggest any place to meet but it would be my pleasure to buy the first round!
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I'm in. I still have not managed to make it to a meetup yet and would love to meet my local/visiting Mefites. How about somewhere downtown? Blackbird or Anodyne? Both on Central, both with ample seating. Sunday or Monday night works for me.
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Alright! We have some life here! I was worried that with such short notice there wouldn't be anyone available. Either of those places looks pretty good to me. Let's wait a bit longer to see if anyone else chimes in, and then we can lock this down by Friday.
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Also I vote for Anodyne. I love Anodyne on nights that are not Friday and Saturday so much.
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Sounds like Anodyne then! Anyone have a preference for when? I'm chillin' here at PHX at the moment, so I'll check back in a couple of hours or so.
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Monday works best for me, so how about 6pm? Do you guys have any recommendations for tasty local beers I should try while I'm out here?
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I know nothing about beer. I should note that Anodyne doesn't serve food though.
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Is it a problem if they don't serve food? Does Blackbird sound better? How about the time I mentioned? Does 6pm on Monday work?

So many questions, I know.
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No no, that's fine! I just want to make sure no one shows up there expecting dinner, since beer for dinner is not usually very effective.
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Okay, since no one's objected I went ahead and confirmed the meetup.

Anodyne at 6:00pm
409 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

See you there!
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Will be there.
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Is anyone planning on driving from Santa Fe for this? If so, I've had all my shots and can probably pay for gas. Send me a Metafilter message if you'd be willing to carpool with me.
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Actually, no, nevermind. I have something else I have to do tomorrow night.
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I'll be wearing a tie with a zipper on it and my hair will be up in chopsticks.
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Thanks for a great time tonight, guys! We'll have to do it again sometime, so if you're ever on the West Coast let me know!
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