TO, meet NYC!
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I'm new to Toronto! I would love to meet local MeFites.
Hey Toronto! My company has moved me here from NYC for the next couple of months (ThoughtWorks -- check the company out, we're pretty good for an international tech company), and I would love to get to know local MeFites and give you another excuse to get together :)

I love meeting and chatting with musicians, academics, theater nerds, hackers, librarians, LGBTQI folks, craftspeople, folks from all over the world -- MeFites in general!

Let's meet someplace 1) accessible to public transit, 2) where we can have a conversation and not be drowned out by music, and 3) where there's tasty food and drink but it's not necessarily alcohol-focused. Suggestions?

What would you all say to April 15th or 16th?
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Saturday the 15th is better for me, but Easter weekend is in general tricky for a lot of people in my finding.
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I'm not in town that weekend. I'm also terrible about actually coming to these things. There are lots of us in Toronto, though, and a lot of people are better about meeting up than me. Where is the ThoughtWorks office? I work in tech and am John and Adelaide. (Lots of start ups there.)
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Aaah, right, I forgot it was Easter Weekend :\ Let's try for a later date, then. Monday or Tuesday nights will be better for me over the next few weeks...

ThoughtWorks doesn't have a proper office in TO at the moment (our central office is in Chicago and we have some 40-odd other offices worldwide), but we're consulting at a company around York and Bremner.
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