make bagged lunches for Inspiration Cafe
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Sun April 30 at 2:00 PM, Dave's house
822 N Mozart St, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's get together and make 150 bagged lunches for inspiration cafe
we'll meet at my place and assembly line putting together some turkey sandwiches as well as getting bagged lunches ready to go with cookies, fruit, crunchy snacks, and utensils.

Afterwards, we might walk to a nearby bar for drinks/dinner.
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This continues your trend of selecting volunteer organizations that eligible for me to submit my volunteer hours to my company to get a $20 match for every volunteer hours worked, so I salute you for helping me bleed these bastards for every dollar I can.

Also, what should we bring supply-wise to help out? Or just $$ to give you to chip in?
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I'm gonna make Denail work out her costco card again so mostly cash, and someone with the willingness to run to a grocery store when I've screwed up the math on ingredients.
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I also have available credit, a Costco card, and a car. The Kedzie/Chicago complex has an Aldi, Cermak produce on North, and as a last resort there's a Mariano's/Safeway at Damen, which is more expensive. And Mike, what company are you with?
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I'll be coming directly from work and passing approx 80 grocery stores on the way down, so if there's anything that needs picking up, holler at your girl. otherwise i'm just bringing a Daria and cash. and maybe a box of coffee. if people want.
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(Just a quick note: I brought my car last time, but it'll almost certainly be in the shop this weekend.)
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Where do you live? I'm stopping by the Clybourn Costco beforehand, I could pick you up.
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Thanks, but I'm good! I'm just saying I can't do supply runs.
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I have a 6 pack of IPA going to absolute waste in our house that I'm bringing. So, like, TWO of you get a beer.
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Had some flooding tonight and may need to spend most of tomorrow cleaning it up, have fun!
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Made my Costco run yesterday and think I have everything for the lunches covered. Snacks or drinks for us to share would be fine to bring if you feel compelled.
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I'll be driving so if a grocery run ends up being needed we'll be fine.
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Welp, miscounted in the grocery store yesterday and need 45 individual bags of crunchy snacks (cheezits or pretzels or chips, etc.)
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Running a little bit late and waiting for bus but will gladly chip in for bagged snacks if ssomeone can pick up
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On our way to bullhead cantina
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Thank you so much for organizing everything, garlic!
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Yes, thanks garlic and to everyone else for continually being so awesome. (And if anyone asked, we worked for 4 hours yesterday because that's what I just logged.)
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