Summer meetup at the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum?
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There are sad and terrible and amazing and mysterious things at the Undersea Museum, and its environs are lovely in spring and summer. Who's interested in a summer meetup, maybe followed by a park picnic or ?
The *best* way to get there is by sea, but we'd need a lot of committed people to arrange a cruise from the city. Carpooling over the ferries likely to be called for.

If anyone's interested, propose a date, anything you're interested in that's at all nearby (Heronswood?), or just say you're interested and flexible as to when.
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I am definitely interested. My summer schedule is packed between my son being here and helping my partner pack and move from IL, so I'll be hard to schedule for. The short form of my schedule is:

Any time in June up to June 30 (just me)
June 30-July 6 or so (me and my son)
July 15-July 21 (me)
July 22-Aug 4 (me and my son)

Outside of those dates I'm probably off the table for it. I'll remain a solid maybe, but don't overdo it trying to schedule for me.
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I'd definitely be interested!
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Oh hey, I just noticed this meetup. cortex and I are tentatively interested. We'd be driving up from Portland, so probably a weekend day would work best for us? I may have some sort of work trip coming up in June, but I think my weekends would still be free, but I don't know the details yet. Regardless, following along with the meetup planning!
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A from-Portland car could come up the Peninsula side and meet Seattlites there? Or leave from the museum to go south, or come and go from Seattle and have two long meetups crossing the Sound. The ferry parts do tend to be delightful, but the traffic through the conurbation isn't.
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Yeah, I think we would come up the Peninsula side and meet at the museum, in this case. I've been meaning to drive up and poke around Olympic National Park a little, and I've heard Hama Hama is pretty tasty. If time allows I'd like to make a long weekend of it, but if not, maybe just an overnight in the Keyport area.
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