Giving Best Bar In The World a Boost
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Sun March 26 at 12:30 PM, Putnam's Pub and Cooker
419 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
In past threads on the blue I've nicknamed my local, Putnam's Pub and Cooker, "Best Bar In The World". Wanna come have brunch and see what I'm talking about? It's reopening after a fire and needs a little extra love right now.
Putnam's suffered a fire sometime on Valentine's Day; it seems like it was all inside the walls, so the repairs have apparently been a little spendy - new wiring, new pipes, etc. They've been shuttered and working on the repairs since the 14th, but have just announced that they will be able to open this month. No dates have been announced yet, but they promise "a schedule of special events, including our 6th Annual St. Patricks' Day." (They also thank their supporters with "a picture of a sexy firefighter holding a cute kitten.")

They will be getting their usual brisk business from us regulars when they open, but I'd love to get them some new guests.


There's a great weekend brunch, actually, and it sounds like that's what everyone wants to do instead of any Patricks' Day events. I cannot speak to their chilaquiles, but I've heard people around me raving. (The chicken on a biscuit and the cheese grits, though, are a go, and friends have said good things about the pancakes and french toast.)

If we're a big enough group I may need to make a reservation.
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I've always wondered what bar you were referring to when you mention the "best bar in the world", so I'd be down for this!
posted by silverstatue at 10:25 AM on March 4, 2017

Weekend brunch sounds good to me.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:12 PM on March 4, 2017

I'm down for weekend brunch. I have St. Patrick's plans, alas.
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Weekend brunch should work for me (not St. Patrick's weekend or April 2, but any other time). In general I would strongly prefer a regular day to some kind of crowded special event, cool though they sound. I'd heard about the fire--glad to hear they're reopening so soon!
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Oh shit, that's actually pretty close to me! I'm possibly in, depending on what and when.
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I'm interested, would prefer after st Patrick's.
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It sounds like there's already an overwhelming preference for Brunch. Let me see when they open and then I'll throw out a possible weekend to the crowd; in the meantime, would y'all prefer Saturdays or Sundays?
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Sundays, please, and not too early. :>
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So they still haven't opened yet, but it should be soon.....will toss out a couple Sunday ideas when I see they're open.
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HUZZAH! Putnam's just announced on its Facebook feed that they are re-opening TODAY, March 14, at 4 pm.

It looks like March 18th and April 2nd have had a no-vote, so how about March 26th? Say about 12:30?

And those of you who said that it's close to you and are up for an adventure - I'll be showing up today as well, at 4 pm, to celebrate its reopening, if you want to join me there. (I realize that my living only a block away has me at an advantage over the rest of you.)
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March 26 at 1230 sounds delightful!
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Right, I'mma just gonna call it now.
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Okay, I just made this official - Sunday the 26th at 12:30. If we are a big enough group I'll need to make reservations, but I'll check this periodically over the next week and monitor. I live literally around the corner, so I can also just run up and claim a table if we're a smaller crowd. (If we're a REALLy big crowd, I'll talk to the owner about what to do.)
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I've put it in my calendar like a real grown up

Ngl I'm excited
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Damn! I'm flying out of Newark at lunchtime on Sunday 26th, else I'd be there.

Looks like a nice place, so I'll just have to make my way over there at some other time.
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Well, heck, if you (or anyone else) wants to check it out any other time, just memail me - I literally live around the corner so I can join ya.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 5:36 PM on March 15, 2017

Oh nice I'm down! Never been before, but would love to explore Brooklyn more. I may be a bit late but I'll let you know if anything comes up.
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Hi Guys,

Can I get more clarity on who is or is not coming to this? I'm trying to see whether we need reservations or not - if you know that you're coming, can you switch your "maybe" to "yes" by Friday at 5?

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Okay - so with only 4 confirmed right now i"mma just punt. I'll check in at Putnam's tomorrow and see if they'd still want me to make a reservation if we turn out to be 8 people or something, or if they could wing it with us. But it's looking like we can just play it by ear. Will update tomorrow.

Sorry if i seem a little bit like a nervous nellie, I just REALLY like this place and get a little protective of them....
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Hi Empress! Sorry for the lateness - I had no idea that there was a column on the right to RSVP. Anyways I just RSVP'ed yes, hopefully I don't tip us over! Never been so not sure what's expected there.
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Oh, it's a chill place, I just also go enough that I know what the average table sizes are and I know that a group of, like, eight and over would make them have to push a couple together and they would need a little heads up is all. Their brunch is sometimes a little jumpin'.
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Agh my cat's oncologist just called to reschedule for tomorrow, so now I can't make brunch. I am going to yell at the moon, but the rest of you should have something delicious for me
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Sorry, I have a last-minute disaster blow up in my face today. I'll have to try and make the next meet up.
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sorry to hear about the disasters befalling folks.

No reservation has been made, and I don't think we need one. I'll be heading up there at about 12:15 (I live 2 minutes way and will check this before heading up) and will meet folks at the door. I think we'll be fine however many arrive.

Memail me if you want transit instructions or anything.
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On my way to the PATH now (google maps wants me to take the C train from Chambers to Lafayette Ave stop, Empress, let me know if that's wrong)
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Ugh, the PATH is all screwy this morning, looks like only the 33rd St line is running with an additional transfer stop required, I will probably be super late and taking whatever train is best from Union Square.
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Better options once you get off the PATH:

1. A/C/F to Jay street, exit via the Myrtle Promenade exit. Look for the B54 bus stop (it's the beginning of the line) and take that to the stop between Vanderbilt and Clinton Avenue. you will essentially be across the street from Putnam's. (And the B54 stop back to Jay is directly out front of Putnam's.)

2. If you only want subways - take the C still, but go one stop further to Clinton/Washington. It's about as far a walk, but it's much more direct - straight up Clinton rather than "north on South Portland, turn left, then turn right then...."

3. Or - Take the C to Hoyt/Schermerhorn, transfer to the G, and go two stops to Clinton/Washington on the G.

It is 12:03, I will be heading up in about 10 minutes and will see if they have their WiFi up so I can monitor arrivals.
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Oh - and I will be waiting inside at the bar for people (with occasional peeks outside) because the weather is shitty, kthanks
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PATH train turned out to have screwy signage, but ok service. No C trains running from WTC though, took the R to DeKalb, walking to the bar now.
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I am inside at the bar! Plaid shirt.
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We were a small crowd, but this proved to our benefit (a party of THIRTY had arrived an hour before us and there was a wait until the tables opened up). Thanks!
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