photography at the foam
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I'm going to be in Amsterdam for a few days and thought it would be fun to meet up at one of my favorite museums-- the foam. One notable exhibit: photographer Ren Hang recently passed away and his work is on exhibit there.
I'm free on March 4 or April 1 -- let me know which works! Or, if you have suggestions or recommendations for another meetup, let me know! (I'm not familiar with the city, I just remember really enjoying the foam when I visited last time.)
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Hey, I'm guessing there are so few IRL meetups in the NL that Dutchies don't visit this part of mefi often.

Foam on april 1 might be fun. I'm not available in the evening though.
posted by jouke at 9:16 PM on March 6, 2017

I think I could be in for April 1. Haven't visited the Foam before.
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(I live here so cannot comment on tourist stuff like museums)
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lol your username is so perfectly dutch without being dutch, which can't be an accident here
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I'm also free in the daytime :)
posted by gemutlichkeit at 8:35 AM on March 17, 2017

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