Return of Game Day!
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Sat March 18 at 1:00 PM, Sibrax's House
6270 SW Madhatter Ln, Beaverton, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Join us for another day of board games and snacks in Beaverton!
We'll have the same plan as last time: start at 1pm with snacks available, and have pizza for dinner around 6pm. (And we'll actually order enough pizza this time!) Feel free to bring a game, food, or drink to share, but that is totally optional.

Saturday, March 18th is the only day in March we can host, but if you can't make it we should be able to do another one in late April. Hope to see you there!
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omg this is literally around the corner from me. The last one I missed because of the weather and my transportation - this one, I cannot miss. I'll be coming from work at the end of a workweek so I might be a little scattered/quiet. I can definitely contribute food as well.
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strudel and I will be coming. We'll bring some food and wine for the group - let us know if anyone has any preferences on what snacks we cook up. Thanks for hosting again! Looking forward to seeing you all.
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Excellent! It's looking like this will be a much smaller meetup than last time, so if some of the maybes could let me know which way they're leaning, that would help us know how much food to get. Thanks!
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Okay just a heads up, I realized 2 minutes ago that I am dumb and slightly double-booked myself for Saturday. I'm still coming but I will have to leave by 7pm to make it to a dance thing that I said yes to a few days ago. So, that might impact how much dinner you order since I probably won't be there for pizza. Sorry for being confusing!
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Not a problem! We were more worried about snacks. We'll handle dinner after everyone arrives.
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Yeah, I guess as advance notice regarding dinner- cortex and I will have to head out around 5ish, so we won't be there for pizza. But we'll be there at 1 to play the heck out of some games!
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Man, I miss playing games for fun. Play a game of Citadels for me.
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Today's the day! Don't worry about staying for dinner; that's just an option for those who want it. We'll see you soon!
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Hey guys I'm sorry I woke up today feeling shitty. I'm going to back out so I can just rest, but Strudel will still be coming.
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Sorry to hear that! Hope you feel better soon.
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I'm running late but will get going after a little coffee.
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It was a pleasure co-losing Mysterium with all of you.
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Fun times all around! Thanks again for hosting. I wanted to put out the call here - who's interested in joining a Legacy game every other week? I was thinking either Pandemic Legacy or Seafall, but other suggestions are welcome as well.
posted by Strudel at 11:42 PM on March 18, 2017

I'm definitely interested.

Thanks again for hosting, you guys; rad to see you again, tmotat.
posted by cortex at 7:45 AM on March 19, 2017

Thanks for throwing this, it was really fun!
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Thanks for having us! Always fun game days.

I'm in for trying a Legacy game- But I don't have strong opinions on which. I think I've only played Pandemic once, and I've never played Seafall.
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Thanks for coming everybody! We'll do it again soon.

I'd be down for a Legacy game as well. I've heard Pandemic is more polished than Seafall, but I haven't played either.
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Thanks for posting a photo, Secretariat!
And thanks for coming, everyone; it was rad to see y'all.
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