Springtime drinks in Chicago
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Thu March 16 at 5:00 PM, The Long Room
1612 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi y'all, I'm going to be in Lakeview/Boystown in the afternoon. I'm totally flexible on time and place as long it's 4 pm or later. I just picked the Long Room because we've been there before and they have food. Can't wait to see the Chicago Cabal again!
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The Long Room is great and works really well when you aren't sure how many people will be showing up or what time they'll be getting there, so I think it's a good choice! As long as a couple of us get there around 5 we should be able to take over the back room like we've done before, and I don't think it'll be any problem for me to get there by 5 or even a little earlier.
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DAMMIT, I'll be in Houston. Sorry to miss you this time!
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Yeah, unless something work related comes up closer to the day, I'll probably work from home that day so that I can surely be there by 5 as well (given that the blue pin in the above map gets you half way from the Long Room to my apartment -- I'm close!).
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misskaz, seems like I'll have a lot of free time coming up so I'll probably get down there again before long!
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I've got a thing later that night but I should be able to swing by for a little while at least!
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Hey, we're back by then, so I'm in. Long Room is always awesome!
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I may be dragging a non-mefite friend along with me to Chicago, so be cool, don't mention the sacrificial ritual.
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I may be dragging a non-mefite friend along with me to Chicago, so be cool, don't mention the sacrificial ritual.

That's a tall order, since it will have happened just a few days before. We'll try!
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I love how no one explains what the fuck that event even is.
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What? There most assuredly is NO Chicago Cabal.
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I'm also going to be at this trans liberation protest next Friday (Mar 3) so ping me if you're going. I'm probably going to be ferrying other people from Milwaukee so my schedule will be dependent on them.
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I'll be at the protest but only for the first hour or so. I'll keep an eye out, though!
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Cool. I put my phone number in the occupation field of my profile in case any of you need to text. (it's not visible when logged out.) I'll take it out after the meetup so add it now.
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Oh I kept thinking this was Friday (calendars are hard), so I won't be bringing the spouse.
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As mentioned above, I'm working from home tomorrow so it should be easy to get there by 5. However, I just had a meeting get rescheduled from 4-5, so there's a non-zero chance I won't be there until 5:05. (Or I may get there early and just take my meeting from the back room because I've lately discovered the place is very conducive for working.)
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So I try to wake up and shower like a real human when I work from home so it feels more like I'm "really working." Sleeping in this morning seemed like a better opportunity, so if I'm showered and not in sweatpants today, you'll know I got a little break in my schedule after lunch.
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Work meeting at 4, cabal meeting at 5, got it.
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Hey look, despite my multiple protests to you that I will probably forget about this, I still haven't!

(let's see if this trend continues for the next 3 hours...)
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I know where you work!
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I came home after my noon meeting and made the mistake of taking off my pants. (Well, I don't wear pants, but I took off my work clothes in favor of my Hilary hoodie and some socks.) Help me get motivated to get dressed again.
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Hoodie and socks is acceptable Long Room attire, is it not? Plus, free shuttle to KC later.
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Ugh I should have gone to the Long Room because this meeting makes me want a drink.
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Also I am probably going to be late.
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But I did shower at lunch time.
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I am here and the back room is ours.
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I'll be there but not for another hour at least, btw.
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We're here! Back room.
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On the bus. Clothed.
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I could walk up Ashland faster maybe but I'm on my way.
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It was fun to meet you all! Maybe I can make it to this regular first Wednesday thing you mentioned. I seem to recall goats are involved?
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Goat on a Wire.

It's a thing.
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If all 48 of the posts with GoatUp as a tag are previous events in the series, then... yes, I suppose it is indeed a thing.
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