[An alternative to the] Stand Up To Racism Demo - London
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Edited: Given the problematic elements with Stand up to Racism (please see links in this thread), I'd like to find a better way to take a stand against structures of violence — one that is inclusive, looks out for survivors and creates a safe space for everybody. I've edited this post title, new copy is in brackets. I've moved the original post copy below here, kept for posterity. --- Original post: >Would anybody like to meet up for and/or after the March Against Racism National demonstration on March 18, 2017 in London? >This Stand Up to Racism Demo is for UN Anti-Racism Day. Other UK rallies are happening same day in Glasgow and Cardiff.
Original copy:

>A list of affordable coaches from all over the UK going to the event.
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I'm planning on taking the Scarborough/York coach (from York) to the demo in London. I've got a free train ticket back, so may stick around for the evening or weekend.
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Stand Up For Racism is unfortunately a front for the Socialist Worker's Party (SWP) whose leader was accused of rape. The organization supported him and was dismissive of the woman who made the allegations. It's well-documented:

• I chose not to join the march against Donald Trump at the US Embassy in London today – here's why
• Centring Survivors: The Trouble with Stand Up To Racism
• Comrades at war: the decline and fall of the Socialist Workers Party

I've reached out to my friends to suggest possible alternative rallies or marches 💗
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Oh my, thank you for these links. I had good intentions here, but I need to rethink this.
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I only know because my friend told me.. their trick of using a front makes it really hard to hold them accountable & they have a lot of reach so I bet most attendees won't be aware of the history.

If you're looking for a good organisation to support, I've been really excited by what Sisters Uncut are doing. Their actions vary a lot in scope, commitment, etc but i can make a meet up for their next action that i think people would like.
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"We can, and must, build effective anti-racist movements whilst ferociously denying abusers a chance to organise and lead."
That's from the Centring Survivors link posted above. That quote in particular really spoke to me. Thank you again!

I can no longer support Stand up to Racism. I too will look into alternatives to this. Thank you for reaching out to your friends and please share any updates here. I'd love to update this meetup thread with details for an event that we can all get behind.
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Ah, oops, didn't refresh page before posting; I will check out Sisters Uncut!
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I was going to point out the SWP link as well. Annoying, isn't it? I'll keep an eye on this though.
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How about supporting the NHS march instead???, because that is REALLY in danger from the post Brexit desire to do a deal with USA healthcare Profit companies.....
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My friend recommended "Defend migrants, stop Trump - nationwide day of action" which is Monday, Feb 20 (in a week):

Central London: https://www.facebook.com/events/361639710901032/
North/South London: https://www.facebook.com/events/1799412480383866/
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I love these ideas! However, I'm not going to be able to make it to London (I cancelled and got refunded my bus ticket there with the Stand Up to Racism group, thanks to all the new info shared above). If somebody is able to organise an event for March, that'd be great. I'll keep my eyes peeled for things too (as I look up local events in my area) and if anything else pops up, I'll post it here.
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