Sydney meetup to cheer up divabat
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Sun January 16 at 5:00 PM, Australian Youth Hotel
63 Bay St, Glebe New South Wales 2037, Australia (Map & Directions)
Divabat is in Sydney and has suggested a meetup. This is the thread for thrashing out its details.
Robotot has suggested the Evapor-Aid at the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe on 16 January.

I would also be up for an after-work drinks on a weekday, to drink XXXX in solidarity, and to pass around a hat.
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Breaking news: Evapor-Aid has been moved to the Comedy Store.

I'd be less inclined to go there, as it's a shit to get to, you can get stuck for hours in the car park (if there's something on at the Hordern), and I object to supporting Fox Studios in any way because the land belongs to the people of NSW, not an uber-wealthy American who got a zillion year lease for 1c.

For somewhere in Glebe, how about the Friend in Hand or the Australian Youth Hotel? We could just pass around a hat or else there'd be a donation jar on the bar, for sure.
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Aaaawwwwww <3

I'm up for anything, though I will need help getting there - I'm moving to a cousin's house in Erskine Park tonight and while I'm OK with public transport I have no idea where anything is in Sydney.
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So Sunday... arvo? Evening?

The Youth is really nice now; it got done up a couple years back. Good food too. I'd be up for either of those.
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I had to google Erskine Park to find out where it is, so we're all in the same boat, so to speak.

It's a bit south of Mt Druitt, so it's just a matter of catching a train into Central, then a 10 minute walk to the Australian Youth Hotel. Tellurian & I scouted it out as a potential venue for the Mefi 10th birthday celebrations, but from memory we chose the place in the Rocks just to be able to take photos with the Opera House & Harbour Bridge in the background.
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The YHA in the city? I've been there. Or is this elsewhere?
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Not quite. It's close though. It's just down from the Broadway Shopping Center on Bay Street. It's just down the hill from Central Station. Heck, I live halfway between Central and the Youth, so you could give me a ring when you're walking down and we could go over together.
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Here's a map.
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Or if anyone isn't too keen on walking the 10 minutes from Central, all the buses from Railway Square go up Broadway and pass Bay Street. The AYH is a good choice, very public transport friendly and the kitchen's top notch for pub food.

Thus: 16 January, this Sunday evening, early dinnertime?
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Sounds good. 5pm?

Ubu - will you bring your bebbeh?! First MeFi meetup for the little 'un!
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yeah, i'll see what can be done :)
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And now, with a map and radio buttons for attendance!
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Due to circumstances beyond my control I'm going to be late. I hope to be there around 6 or shortly after. I hope there are at least one or two of you left around...
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I (+2?) should still be there, but don't want to make it too late a night - starting back at work tomorrow morning.
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I've made contact with divabat and will hopefully be walking down with her from Central around 5ish. My partner will join us as well. We'll have a few beers, at least enough to hang around for Fiasco! :)
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hai running a bit late - baby stuff. be there in 10-15.
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Hmm. I thought there was a facility to link to photos? Maybe I have to wait til after the server thinks the event is finished.

At any rate...

Ubu and Lil Ubu
Ubu and Fiasco
Divabat and me
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Maybe I have to wait til after the server thinks the event is finished.

spoken like a true business (systems) analyst ;)
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Thanks for the pics, web-goddess, it was lovely (and reassuring) to see Divabat smiling. I'm glad you could cheer her up.

And I just want to grab UbuRoivas Junior and run off with him. He's gorgeous.
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I think Divabat could smile her way out of a block of solid concrete. She seems quite irrepressible.

careful that lil ubu doesn't inherit his father's habit of involuntarily pulling stupid faces *exactly* as the camera shutter clicks...
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As I said at the meetup, y'all haven't seen me angst in private. Also by the time that photo was taken I've had about 2-3 glasses of champagne and was a lil bit tipsy.

I'm at the airport right now waiting for a flight to Brisbane. Apparently what seems like mud is apparently poo! ack o_O
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GREAT NEWS! Just got an SMS from divabat: "Everything's fine! My stuff survived! OMG THANK YOU #QLDFLOOD ANGELS!" :)
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That's really good to hear, divabat.
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Yeah, but did you remember to pick up some nice colourful gumboots in Sydney for trudging through all the poo? I imagine there's been a run on them up north.
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Hello from Brissy!

I flew back with my new housemate yesterday (who spent NY in Sydney and then basically got stranded) and had the best surprise ever - our garage was clean! Cleaner than we moved in, even. And sitting nicely in the corner were my crates of books and art and media, looking a lot nicer than I had expected. turns out the water only went halfway up the garages, and because we'd put most of the stuff on top of furniture it managed to escape relatively unscathed.

The owner's old furniture (we were renting), a box of random toiletries and bits&bobs I had, and some random stuff didn't survive, but they weren't too much of a concern. The stuff I was really worried about was all fine.

We didn't have power till today, and our fridge exploded with ick and maggots EW. Now it's sparkling, again better then we we started. The area isn't too bad, most of the cleanup happened before we returned, but it's still muddy in places - especially along the John Oxley Walk in UQ, which is a MESS.

There are truly angels everywhere!

Ubu: I actually had nice flowerly blue gumboots sitting in the apartment, so I bought myself cheap boots in Kmart before I left. Gave me a chafing :\
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Well, now you can wear the flowery blue ones again! What's up with this maggot-ick exploding fridge?!??
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fridge - power + rotting exploded food = BLOWFLIES GALOER
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Sigh. You know how when you hear a recording of your voice on an answering machine or something, and think "no way do I actually sound like that"...? That's the feeling that photos invoke in me.
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I always try to emerge grinning from the shadows. It's my party trick.
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