Protesting immigrant ban
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Sun January 29 at 5:00 PM, Westlake Park
Westlake Park, 401 Pine St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
My family is planning to go to the protest at Westlake tomorrow. Who's in?
We'll be busing from West Seattle of anyone wants to travel with us as well/wants help figuring out logistics.
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I can't join you ... I'm writing a petition for habeas corpus to get my client out of detention and want to file it Monday morning before some other ungodly change in the law is made. But would someone please carry a sign for me that says, "First they came for the Muslims, and we said, Not today motherfucker!"
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Rep Jayapal just indicated that the two SeaTac detainees have been released.
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There were six detainees; two have been released, two sent back to where they flew out of, but it's unclear about the other two.

It seems likely we'll be downtown, where there is clearly a protest organized.
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I'll be there but I may be meeting some other friends.
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We'll be there right at the start, but will leave at some concession to bedtime, rather than staying until the end. I'm happy to stand around with Mefites if you want some company, but I'm mostly just happy you're there. Memail me if you want my cell for finding purposes or just look for me next to mbrubeck's sign, "Japanese-Americans will never forget".
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Well, Capri, someone did your sign. I wasn't close enough to find out if it was a Mefite or not.
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Wish I'd checked mefi before going. I was there by myself and would have enjoyed the company. Still glad I went.
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I was also there! Didn't think to check here. It was my first protest, and I'm glad I went.
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I'm glad this was posted. I can't go to every protest, but I sure as hell am going to go to the ones I can. iRL seems like a good venue for non-committal last minute hooking up with good folks. When I know I'm headed to one, I will check here and make a post if no one has done so yet. I hope others do so as well.
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Dang, didn't see this until today. My family and best friend went. It was a defiant and joyful event.
The best part was the Muslim teenage girls on the train who were a tad shocked and happy to see so many people boarding with signs. They tried to sing the Somali national anthem, but couldn't remember the words. Then they tried "This Land Is Your Land", but couldn't remember the words to that either. So they led us in "If You're Happy And You Know It" and it was wonderful.

I spent the last few weeks after the election feeling isolated, paranoid and disgusted that in 2017, we're fighting the same effin' battles again. But I think I'm more energized than ever now.
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I was there, and also was in one of the split off marches.
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Well, this Crosscut article explains somewhat why we didn't know how many people were detained or deported -- the CBP isn't saying and our elected officials are having trouble finding out.
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