Cuz I'm a fool for the city!
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Fri January 27 at 5:30 PM, Stag's Head, 51st st and 2nd ave, NYC
252 E 51st St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm popping down to NYC for a visit and propose drinks.
What say we meet at the Stag's Head Friday after work. I'll commit to six (travel delays permitting) and I'll be inviting some old pals who aren't on mefi, as well as letting MFC know. This is the second stage of a nine stage belated 45th birthday rock and roll vacation for feistycakes and I. Come help us crank it up and jonmc, if you are listening, we could finally once and for all have the drinking contest.
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Long time no see, vrakatar & feistycakes, will do my best to be there.
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I may be revealing I am too uncool for this invitation, but what is MFC?
posted by zorseshoes at 1:28 PM on January 24, 2017

MeFight Club!

Mefightclub is a gaming community made up of (primarily) Metafilter members, friends and family. Mostly focuses on PC gaming, especially Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Minecraft and all the rest. Coming up on 5 years old, over 2300 members strong (as of August 2012), it has grown into a network of sites that include the Full Glass Empty Clip group blog and subsites, and The Aporkalypse and Gamefilter, the Metafilter-esque gaming site.

You are totally cool enough for this invite, zshoes!
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Let me say, I am mostly joking about a drinking contest with jonmc. The city has been through a lot lately.

I'll post in this thread when I get there, and I'll wear my Mefi t-shirt or my big purple Dino Jr. T-shirt so as to be visible. Come on down and get a piece of the vraktion!
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Regret that I can only be there for about an hour or so before I head to the west side to see PUFFS, but looking forward to it anyway!
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We are checked in and will be over at the spot more like 5 if anyone wants to get started early.
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Hey gang stag's is jammed, we'll probably move to cornerstone next door shortly
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I'm inside Cornerstone now. Is anyone else?
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Heading to the 23rd street 6 train now.
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I looked through both bars & I can't find anyone.
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Ah sorry moved to pig and whistle around the corner on 2 ave
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Got a table on the left, I'm wearing my purple Dino jr shirt
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Your other left, end of bar
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