Women's March on Chicago
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Sat January 21 at 10:00 AM, Corner of Jackson and Columbus
310 E Jackson Dr, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
The Women's March on Chicago begins with speakers and a rally at 10:00 AM at the Corner of Jackson and Columbus (Not quite the Drive). Please check in here if you're going, want to join at th meeting spot (SE corner of Jackson and Wabash around 9:30), or are interested in lunch/beers/bonding afterward (post-rally at Bar Below 127 S. State around 2:30).
I am a Planned Parenthood volunteer, so I'll be at the Planned Parenthood station from about 8:30 on. As I understand it, the rally runs until about 11:00 when the march (West on Jackson to Michigan, through the Loop and ending at Federal Plaza) begins. Jackson will remain closed until 2:00pm.

Some of us at the UnWelcome Pence rally a few weeks ago met up at the Exechequer Pub afterwards, which was fine, but suggestions are welcome as this event is attracting way more than the 150 or so who came to protest Pence. Hopping the L to a quieter neighborhood seems like a reasonable suggestion, so please make one.

Some folks have their cell phones in their profiles--if you're willing to share yours with other marchers, that's a good place to do so.
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I'm coming! Haven't decided if I'm going to take Metra (from Downers Grove) or drive to Midway and hop the Orange Line in from there.
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I'll be coming down with my wife and some neighbors, so I might not be able to hook up with people during the march itself. I'm all for getting together somewhere afterward, though!
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Also, I might suggest staying downtown: I imagine it's going to be nearly impossible to get out on public transit for at least an hour or two after the closing rally at Federal Plaza. Not a ton of options for noon on a Saturday in that part of the Loop, but perhaps the unknown-to-me-and-hopefully-everyone-else Bar Below?
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I can't go, but I donated: https://www.crowdrise.com/donate/project/womens-121-march-on-chicago/womens121marchonchicago/?widget=true
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If you or the PP booth need more direct help that we can do something about, please say so.
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Going to DC - see you all another time!
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Those wanting to meet for the march, how about we meet at the SE corner of Jackson and Wabash around 9:30. (trying to pick a time is hard, not too late to be too crowded, not too early for those of us commuting in from a distance).
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I saw an article that said the rally won't be at the bandshell anymore due to concern about the field. The rain has made things so soggy that it won't hold up to all that foot traffic.

Ah, here it is. It'll be on Jackson Blvd at LSD. Not sure if that changes any meeting place decisions or anything, but just wanted everyone to know.
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Me and baniak will be staying downtown for the weekend, so we'll be there.
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also, I have my cell in my profile, and installed firechat today with that username in my profile as well (for mesh networking situations where cell towers are overwhelmed).
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I have been in Evanston for going on 8 years. I have threatened but haven't made it to a meetup yet. I would probably be coming by myself which is mildly terrifying but I want to do it, probably coming in on the red line from Howard. If anyone is coming the same way and wants to travel together, let me know!
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I will be there with a few other friends and would love to meet up with as many of you as possible. Thank you for suggesting a time and place, garlic! Wabash and Jackson sounds good as it's close to lots of transit but is hopefully just far enough away that we can still find each other (though if anyone thinks we need to meet earlier or farther away, I'm very flexible about how we do this). I'd also be up for getting down there extra early and meeting somewhere for coffee/breakfast if anyone wants to do that and knows a good place.

I think Eamon's suggestion of staying downtown and meeting up for lunch/drinks is an excellent one. I'm not familiar with Bar Below either but that sounds like a good starting point, and if the first people to get there discover that it's mobbed, we can still use that as our meeting point and head somewhere else from there. Bar Below is at 127 S. State, between Adams and Monroe, and is apparently a little hard to see from the outside, which should work in our favor if we're trying to find someplace not too crazy. (Maybe heading down into the Pedway is another option?)

I'm not familiar with Firechat but will look into that - thanks for the tip, garlic!
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Yes, let's post-rally at Bar Below, by 2:30? I'll update the post. If it's too crowded, we can migrate a little further out. I'm also going to check out Firechat and will share my user name in my profile.
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I realize this isn't comprehensive, but the official website for the march does have a map of group meetup sites that have been registered.

I could add the MeFiChi group to the list of participating groups and put our meetup location on the map, if we wanted.

Advice from music festival communication experience: often SMS will go through when iMessage texts won't, so if you have an iOS device you may want to turn off iMessage before heading into downtown. Turn off app updates, email push downloads, and the like over cellular data to preserve bandwidth and battery. Taking video uses a lot of battery and storage, so limit how frequently you do so to save for if shit goes down. (This is in addition to other safety precautions you may want to take, though I personally do not expect any trouble here in Chicago. )

I will add my cell number and check out FireChat and update my profile shortly.
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downloaded firechat - good call, garlic.
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I also downloaded Firechat. Username is the same as here on MeFi.
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ICYMI, location changed:
"Originally slated to be held at the Petrillo Bandshell Saturday, the march will now begin at 10 a.m. at Jackson Boulevard and Lake Shore Drive."
NBC Chicago
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oh I see misskaz posted that, but the location of the IRL has not been changed. I'm not going to this so I'll shut up and see myself out.
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FYI NARAL and the Illinois Choice Action Team will be handing out signs and buttons at 9:30 am at the front entrance of the Art Institute, if you want a NARAL sign.
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I'm crushonastick (no dash) at Firechat.
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I'm teaching a workshop this Saturday, so I can't go. I decided to donate half my day's wages instead. Thanks for the link, Evilspork!

I know so many people who are going, I wouldn't be surprised if my workshop is deserted. My wife's aunt, who I'd always figured as a staunch North Shore Republican, is going, and she's been recruiting everyone she can.

Say hi to my wife if you see her!
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Yes, let's post-rally at Bar Below, by 2:30? I'll update the post. If it's too crowded, we can migrate a little further out.

If you know a place that's further out around Ashland, that would probably be calmer as you mention, but it's something I might be able to make it to! I could also help with rides.
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This place is a good local chain with a location at 1800 W on Grand.
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Combination March for Ethics In General slash Metafilter Cheese Up.
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Hey, folks. I'm not going to be going to any of the marches or protests for reasons, but you know I'm 100% in support and I think all of you are wonderful.

However, since I'm not going to be in the crowds, I have flexibility. I have a car and nothing to do on Saturday but count up cookie orders. If any of you are in any trouble whatsoever, get hurt, etc, I can help as best I can. If your data isn't working and you need info, I can be ready with a quick google.

Most of you have my contact info, but I'm putting my cell number in my profile. I'm jenjal on facebook messenger and phunniemee everywhere else (gmail included).

Thanks for fighting the good fight, guys. ✊
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I have a personal boycott against Tortorices pizza due to a massive customer service failure on their part, but I'm also not sure I'll stick around for a post-march lunch so it doesn't matter anyway.
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I have been in Evanston for going on 8 years. I have threatened but haven't made it to a meetup yet.

I could have written pretty much all of that if you sub "Edgewater" in for "Evanston." It's not yet clear whether the other people I know who were considering going have decided to march or not, but my default marching-alone plan was to lurk around the Planned Parenthood contingent. Friendly internet people from the Chicago Cabal (I know, I know, TINCC) might be better though - will someone have some sort of Metafilter swag or something to facilitate meeting up?
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no swag, the best I can recommend is checkout the user picture for me, or McMikeNamera, or jessypie, and look for one or all of us at 9:30. Mike and I have our cell #s in our profile too if you need to text looking for someone.
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I was thinking about a Hello My Name is: Glinn from MeFiChi nametag. But I will look at user pics as suggested, as that will help me identify some of you guys, instead of hoping someone in the know sees that (though I may still wear a nametag, and bring extras). I am going to try to get there before 9 (first time solo on a Chi train omgsuchanoobperson in my 40s), will try to find peeps at the SE corner of Jackson and Wabash if that's still the place? Not sure if I will do Firechat (or if it will work on my ancient iphone 4s). Oh! I do have a purple swatch of hair, that should help.

I am sad my ACLU t-shirt will not be here in time. (Additional sad tidbit, I don't have a Hillary shirt but I do have a "I believe that she will win" pin. Not much point in that I suppose. Though she did win.)

ubersturm, hope to see you!
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I temporarily put my cell phone number back in my profile, and the photo there is recent, though I'll probably be wearing glasses tomorrow. I'll try to update in the morning with what I'm wearing but at the moment I expect my outer layer will be a blue fleece jacket that makes me look a little bit like Cookie Monster, and I'll be wearing a small blue-and-purple backpack.

I'm planning to get downtown earlier than 9:30, so I'll also try to update with my pre-9:30 location if I end up hanging out in a coffee shop or something else for a while before our designated meeting time.
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Also adding my number, please ask if you need anything.
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I will wear my "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" T-shirt, assuming it is clean. I'll have a green jacket on over it.
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I will be at the Planned Parenthood booth, wearing a pink Planned Parenthood beanie, holding a tiny "Women's Rights are Human Rights" sign. If I can find my bright red MEFI sash, I will wear it.
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Oh and we discussed that given the terribly truncated route, things may well be dispersed much earlier than 2:30 (or they may be a serious clusterfuck). We'll still be making our way toward Bar Below 127 S. State as things wind down.
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Not sure who I and my partner will be marching with yet. (Mefi sounds like the most fun, but negotiations remain.) But, I'm very excited to join a post-protest meetup.

Please do update this page to reflect changes in venue. Looking forward to meeting new friends and old as we drown our sorrows for the next four years and or motivate each other to actively change things.
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My wife and I will be heading down with other Edgewater folks at 9am, Thorndale stop, third from the last car.
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And the Mefi scarf is buried deep in the lost part of moth abatement, so don't look for it in the crowd. :(

I suggest as a back up if we can't get to Bar Below, head north of the river to Howells & Hood in the plaza at the Tribune tower.
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I probably won't be there at 9:30 because I'm meeting up with my brother beforehand but I'm the guy in the photo in my profile plus a sexy beard. I'll be carrying this sign though it may have more glitter on it by tomorrow.
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I'm not sure I'm organized enough to meet anyone on transit except by accident (and the truth is that my arrival time will depend on how busy Metropolis is - last car at Granville somewhere vaguely around 9!), but I'll have a MeFi shirt on underneath more protest-oriented outerwear, plus vividly colored hair, and I'll see if I can get a Firechat thing set up and in my profile before I pass out tonight.
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FYI: ”There is no access to the rally space via Jackson Avenue. You have to head to either the Disability/Family/Volunteer Access via Monroe or to the main rally space Access via Balbo or Congress.”
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I think it would be useful for march people if everyone checked their RSVP at the top to make sure it's up to date with your personal plans. Then, once the march starts winding down, I would ask that anyone who can only make it to one of them check the RSVP again so the Bar Below group knows what to expect. Logistics!
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Bringing my bluetooth speaker, playing McMikeNamera's "Songs of Joy at a Time of Revolution" when it's not disruptive.
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From the last RSVP email:

The crowd estimate based on EventBrite and Social Media is at 60,000 and growing! There are more than 270 groups registered to march.
Hear us ROAR! :)

LOGISTICS - Details have been added to the website regarding Accessibility Services, Family Area, Rally Point, March route, Stage Location, Run of Speakers list and more :

Highlights/Important Points:

The main access point to the rally space is this: Enter onto Columbus Drive via Balbo Ave or Congress Pkwy.

The Disability Access point including drop off zone is to come onto Columbus from Randolph heading toward Monroe. The Accessible Drop off point/Entry Point is at Columbus and Monroe.

There is a Family Area to the east of the rally stage. Quickest access point to the Families Area is via the Disability Access Point at Columbus and Monroe. Alternatively, if families are in the main rally area and want to move to the Families Area they can make their way to the NE corner of Columbus and Jackson from INSIDE the rally zone on Columbus. There will also be a pathway to the Families Area from near Buckingham Fountain. Ask volunteers or marshals to direct you. Marchers with children can join the Families Area or choose to stay in the main rally space.

Please KEEP OFF THE GRASS and STAY ON THE PAVEMENT - to help us avoid costly repairs which will come directly to Women’s March on Chicago.

Full Logistics Info and more detailed Disability Access information see the Logistics page of the website:

Start time is 10am with the stage located on Columbus Drive at Jackson facing south. Main entry points to Columbus are via Balbo or Congress. Please do not arrive before 8:30am. 10am is when the speakers will begin. The rally portion wraps up around 11:30 and the march gets underway at that point. The march will head out Columbus, then west on Jackson toward Federal Plaza. Those not able to walk the route can optionally remain in the rally space with music and others who are rallying. The march disperses at Federal Plaza.
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Ok, bulky black jacket and jeans, purple in my hair. I have made a last minute cardboard sign with the three new Shepard Fairey prints (8.5x11ea). Hope to get to Jackson and Wabash by 9-9:15ish, maybe earlier, no idea. I haven't seen any change to the meetup spot. If I don't find anyone, I may head over to the Planned Parenthood folk if I can find em. Phone in profile for today. I have 4 phone numbers from this gathering in my phone also.
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I'm headed out now and should get downtown right around 9. It's warmer than I expected, so I scaled down to a grey hoodie over a grey shirt that lists all of the Chicago Public Library branches on a map. Dark jeans, yellow earrings, glasses. Still wearing the small blue/purple backpack. See you all soon!
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I am hoping to get downtown by 9:30. Wearing a grey fleece over my If You're Not Outraged... shirt and will be carrying a light blue bag with a flower/bee pattern.
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I'm still at Jackson and Wabash. Green jacket, black bag, Bluetooth speaker playing.
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Running late but underway; post any venue changes or send me a firechat message (username in profile), if you happen to have a moment? Lots of people with signs in the L!
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Running late myself - just waiting for the Orange Line train to leave Midway. There are whole bunch of people in this car heading over to the march.
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We waited at Jackson & Wabash till about 9:40 and are now slowly on the move east along Jackson.
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At this point I may just look for people at Bar Below. Just left Halsted.
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Lots was an understatement; we stopped being able to take on new passengers by Bryn Mawr and as far as I can tell almost everyone is marching. (Seriously though why is the CTA not running express trains?! We have been sitting at Belmont, and I know there are no trains 10-15 min in front of us...)
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Headed towards downtown on pink line, most likely not going to meet up during. I'd like to go to after events, so I'll watch this thread for any decisions!
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I thought I posted? I gave my t-shirt to a teenager, my sign to a woman who had been a Soviet refugee, and talked on a video a man was making for his four year old. I have moved to the bar, where other marchers are trickling in.
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Many of us are at Bar Below now. Big table at the back along the right-hand wall. Come join us!
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How is general congestion on the area? I would be coming in using Kennedy, so hopefully getting into the city would be easier than everyone trying to go outwards.
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InFields under Macy's
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We're relocating to InField's, under Macy's. Don't try driving downtown!
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Well. I ended up spending the day with a group of five excellent strangers I met in the train parking garage this morning. However, I would not have gone at all if not for this group! I shall meet (some of you) soon at another meetup. Hope everyone had (is having) an excellent day!
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As a plug, if this was your jam today, join us at a second saturday meetup where we talk about next steps.
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So my phone died before noon and I wasn't able to meet up with everyone. (I actually met up with two friends in the giant sea of people and we ended up eating at Beef & Brandy - I think everyone had gone to InFields by then, though.)
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Welp, bad CTA luck (turned out to be a sick passenger at Fullerton plus they were running both directions on one platform there, which, bad call today dudes) + the massive crowd meant that there was no chance of finding you guys for the march/rally. By the time I made it out of the march (the volunteer marshals by me were telling people to march, and no one could hear the stage or get cell service, so march we did), I was too beat to track down the post-march meetup. But notionally trying to meet up with you guys was part of what gave me the guts to head out to begin with - Evilspork's link is rather on the nose - so thanks for being out there, somewhere!
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As garlic said above: our monthly support group for resistance against the administration is the second Saturday of each month. Watch IRL for the posting. Please come!

Also, this is an article about the new house race Democratic party PAC I was talking about. Or you can skip right to the PAC itself.
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Sorry CONGRESS race (it's covering both House and Senate seats)
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And here's the link if you want to focus efforts on the nearest local swing district.
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ubersturm, I think we were on the same train! Someone fainted in our car around Fullerton, almost certainly because of the crush of people. And one of the people I met and spent the day with is an ex Girl Scout leader and also an EMT. The woman who fainted got water and was fine - in fact we went with her to find her people - and because we had an EMT looking after her, the conductor was able to get the train moving again rather than wait for an ambulance, which is protocol. So glad you (and me!) made it out, even though we didn't meet any MeFites this time.
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These guys were handing out flyers friday night to get together every tuesday for the next 100 days at Dearborn and Jackson.
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