Pittsburgh meet and imbibe
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Sat January 28 at 8:00 PM, J. Gough's in Greenfield
4213 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
Pittsburghers, I miss you guys! I know a place where we can meet and beanplate together where the music is not too loud and the free street parking is plentiful, J. Gough's in Greenfield. Would anyone want to get together on the 28th?
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Alas, I cannot this weekend, and the following weekend I (and at least one other yinzer MeFite) will be in DC protesting. But I hope you guys have a great time. If by any chance we can push until the weekend of the 28th or do this again in February, I'd be in.
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This weekend is out, but I can do the weekend of the 21st or later.
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Appealing. My wife and I could probably do this weekend. The DC protests nix next weekend for us. We'd be open to another weekend if that works out better.
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We're a maybe depending on time for Saturday, but are pretty open later in January/early in February. We miss you guys too!
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This Friday is out for me, but depending on the time on Saturday, I could probably make it out for a bit! I'm with the others in that I'm a little more free at month's end if we wanted to aim instead for the 27th or 28th?
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This weekend is out (no childcare). Next weekend is out (smashing the patriarchy).

However, in theory I totally want to meet the locals!
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Yeah, interested! Not this weekend, though.
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Right. Smashing the patriarchy rules out next week.

What times work on Saturday? I was thinking 8pm. I'm also fine with later this month.

I think the next thing will be more child friendly. Maybe a trip to the zoo or natural history museum?
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Normally I am all about evening no-children things, it's just that this Saturday my husband already has plans to hang out with his bestie, so I gotta stay home with the slumbering child. Usually I am more than happy to leave that to him and burn rubber outta there to experience the wide world of adults doing adult things.
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We could be available this Saturday or either Friday or Saturday next week. Or the week after that.
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Oh neat! I am unusually free this month so looking forward to whenever!
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I live a block from there! I'd be happy to meet some metafiltroids. Any of the suggested days are good.
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Okay, looking ahead to the 27th and 28th. Any preferences for the 27th or 28th?
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Well, just missed the edit window. That should be "Any preferences for Friday or Saturday?"
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Prefer Saturday, the 28th.
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Yes, we'd prefer Saturday as well.
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Saturday is good for me.
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The 28th seems to be free for us.
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This I can do :)
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Yup, so far the 28th is wide open for me. I may have a +1, I'll have to check with my partner but I suspect he would like to tag along and meet some folks.
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i just realised this says "Gough's" and not "Hough's". ... at least they're not far apart.

i am uncertain whether i'll be able to swing by, but i'll at least be in the neighborhood---a friend's got a soup-swap party that evening literally a half-mile away...
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Yeah, I just realized that too. Gough's seems to be in the old Coop site across the street from the Greenfield Giant Eagle.

Looking at StreetView for Murray Ave there, I'm reminded that next month will be 28 years since I first visited Pittsburgh to find a place to live here and we were given a tour of the city by a friend who lived on Windsor Street behind that Giant Eagle. We ended up renting a house on the corner of Graphic and Flemington with an amazing view of the Mon and Downtown from the front porch for the amazing sum of $500/month. The amazing thing to me is that Greenfield doesn't really look all that different after three decades.
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I just wanted to thank you guys for pointing out the difference. It's all fun & games until the mister and I are hanging out in Hough's, anxiously refreshing this feed wondering where everyone is...
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I'm fully expecting Gough's to be bizarro-world Hough's.
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I believe that J. Gough's is supposed to be a take on an favorite Pittsburgh insult.
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I called and made a reservation for 8pm. See yinz there! Fun Fact: J. Gough's is a whiskey bar, but they also make a nice Moscow Mule.
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We're sadly not going to make it. Minor family emergency that we have to deal with. Raise a glass for us!
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I'm here. In back. Purple sweater. Oatmeal scarf.
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On my way, from literally the farthest you can get from Greenfield and still be in the east end lol
posted by soren_lorensen at 5:14 PM on January 28, 2017

We had a great time. Unfortunately we got home and found our dogs had gotten in to a bottle of OTC painkillers. Now we will be spending out evening at the emergency vet.

But it was great to meet you all!
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Oh no! I hope your dogs are okay and you got some sleep.
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Oh dear! muddgirl I hope your dogs are OK!

At the risk of being that person, the charge from the Tavern hit my account today and it was $5.00 more than I had anticipated. I'm hoping it was just an oversight, but check your reciepts!
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Pupdate: the doggos are doing well, they come home from the hospital tonight.
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