Transportation geeks descend on D.C.
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Transportation Research Board's annual mega-conference is starting today (Sunday, Jan. 8) and runs through Thursday (Jan. 12) in Washington, D.C. Who's in town for this?
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I'm here, typing away at 1:30 AM because I finally got in town, and I realized there might be other MeFites who are here. I realize it's crazy busy, but I thought we could make some quick stop by, say "hi!" insta-meetups or get some lunch, or something.

I'm staying with friends a few miles from the conference, so I'll be doing some thing with them this week. As for the conference itself, I'll attend some of the subcommittee meetings today, and I'll be wandering the sessions the rest of the week, probably all the way to 7 PM, but I'll be online, too (checking work email, taking notes), so I'll check this thread and my MeMail, so anyone can PM me contact info if you're around and about.
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I live near the Convention center, so I'm happy to meet up if meeting up happens!

(I have a few conflicts this evening and tomorrow evening, but they will be over fairly early.)
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Today and tomorrow my days end between 5 and 7 PM (there are some late panels that are sometimes worth attending). I'm staying with friends up in Adams Morgan. I fly out on the 12th. Otherwise, I don't have any lunch plans.

Since there's just two of us chatting, I'll PM you my contact info.
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For anyone who stumbles on this, we might do something for lunch on January 11, between noon and 2. More TBD. If we finalize something before then, I'll update the main post.
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