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Wed December 7 at 6:30 PM, The Bye and Bye
1011 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be in Portland on business the week of December 5th and would like a chance to meet-up with some fellow MeFis for a beer and food one night.
I'm recently vegan and love Thai and Vietnamese food, but will try just about anything. I also love dark beers like porters and stouts.

I have never been to Portland before (other than the airport on layover) and will be near-ish to Glendoveer Golf course and Halsey Street. Any place good to eat and drink near there?

December 8th might be the best night, but I'm up for dinner any of the other nights, if better. I'm not much of a night-owl these days and my home timezone is 2 hours ahead, so this wouldn't be too late of a night. (For me, anyway)

Updated: Wednesday, December 7th, aim for 6:30 as hopefully that's early enough in the dinner rush at The Bye and Bye.
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Hey, that'd be rad! The 8th would work okay for me too.

I don't have any specific recommendations for that area of town since I don't get that far out onto the east side often, but there's definitely plenty of solid vegan, Thai, and Vietnamese options in town so I wouldn't be surprised if there's one nearby.

There's a lot of Vietnamese joints on SE 82nd near Division I think, which is a relatively nice strip for food joints in general these days and would be a reasonable midway point for you and folks coming from closer to the city's core.

Another possibility if you're willing to come in further: The Sudra is a tasty vegan Indian place that Secretariat and I really enjoyed a meal at recently. We went to the one up in St. Johns but there's a more centrally located one at NE 23rd and Glisan if you're up to a little more of a schlep.
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Yess... we just ate at The Sudra again for lunch today, and it continues to be good. They have excellent mocktails and cocktails too. Or for other ideas that would involve travelling a little, there's all sorts of interesting foods and drinks in the Hawthorne/Division-ish area, about 5 miles to the west. But I'm sure there are other interesting places closer to you too, and I like trying out places that are new to me, and I'm a fan of Vietnamese food! Maybe someone else will have ideas.
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The Sudra sounds delish.

The Bye and Bye on Alberta is all-vegan and the menu looks fine. I haven't been - if anything it might lean into Portland's punk-twee mode. If it's too precious, there's the whole rest of Alberta.
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I do enjoy the Bye and Bye. Everything I've eaten there is good, especially the barbecue bowl. Cocktails there seem hit or miss, but even when they're not great, they're interesting. And they always have some good beers. The one iffy thing* is that they're usually really busy. They have a heated patio that doesn't get as crowded, but it can be noisy on a windy day.

*Maybe not the one. They should also serve more than two pretzel knots per order. C'mon.
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Oh, I can do any night but the 8th.
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I think I could do any night except for the 9th. I haven't been to the Bye and Bye, but the menu sounds real good!
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If you guys end up at the bye and bye, there's a non-zero chance I might make it. It is within walking distance of my house, which is pretty much the entirety of the criteria I currently use to determine whether I will go out.
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Google's description of The Bye and Bye: "Hipster bar with inventive vegan food", is pretty much the definition of what any first visitor to Portland really wants. It looks like a bit of a trek from where I'm staying, but that's ok, as I am intrigued by the idea of a "Weeping Tiger Sandwich".
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My fieldwork is taking me all the way out to Baker City; I will try to make it in time, but I'll have to get all the way back from Baker City on Wednesday and also do fieldwork on the way. The way weather's been recently, there's a distinct possibility of winter conditions either in the mountain passes or the gorge, so my attendance is contingent on managing to make it in time.
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LOL, looking at the weather, picking tonight instead of tomorrow was the right choice!
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Also, Secretariat and I look like this if the looking-around-the-venue-for-mefites thing goes otherwise poorly.
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Strudel and I are planning on coming, but we'll probably be 15-20 min late or so. He's not back yet from his fieldwork...but he should be soon! If that's a problem just let me know. Definitely start eating without us. :-)
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We're right inside at a big round table.
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I'm out with that cold thing that's going around. Have fun! Eat avocados! Don't get this cold thing that's going around!
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Aw, feel better!
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For any potential very late arrivals, we have split and headed a half mile east to Back To Eden for a snack.
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Thanks, you guys, for coming out tonight. It was a lot of fun and I learned that we all pretty much love trains and maps. I feel like I was backstage at the Portland show with the cold weather mid-week walking tour. :D
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Thanks for setting this up Jill! We had a good time. It was nice to meet you!
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Yes, thanks! A fun meetup at a bar I might otherwise have never got around to trying! And I'm happy to report it has finally started snowing, so maybe we won't have fully embarrassed ourselves as a city with all the winter storm watch stuff. Hopefully you don't have any trouble getting around today!
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