Self-Rising Taters
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Thu December 1 at 7:30 PM, The Rising
1172 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
It's time once again for Geeks Who Drink trivia, Thursday at 7:30pm at The Rising in Inman Square. As per usual, RSVP by noon on Wednesday so we can call for a table.
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Those of you who are Learned League members may have seen that Jessamyn suggested us in a message board thread posted by someone looking to play bar trivia in Cambridge. I have invited the folks in that thread to join us, so we may see a couple of new faces this week. I also noted with interest the post immediately following Jessamyn's: "I host at The Rising and can confirm this team is quite good."
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I'm one the OP on the LL thread. I'm in! Thanks for the invite.
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I'll be returning from a work trip on a flight that gets in at 5pm, so given the vagaries of air travel and how exhausted I may or may not be, I'm a definite maybe.
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Motion that team names be tater-based via suggestions from the "You WHAT" MeFi Wiki.
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Is Tater a Sandwich?
No Taters Inside
Backwards Facing Taters
Pantsfree Taters
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Cant make it this time - have fun taters!
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Also, after diving into the You What? list, I long to somehow incorporate "Wittgenstein rules on soup definition" but it's hard to incorporate Tater into that.
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Potentially stupid question but: what's the best way to find you guys tonight?

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Oops, I forgot to RSVP until just now. Please let me still join you.
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Oh, and dmm9999, to find us... Hm. I'd say find the nerdiest looking group, but y'know, Cambridge. Well, we're the first picture in this post on GWD. We have an extremely high glasses per person index. And they've usually been seating us straight back from the door next to the trivia jockey.
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The reservation is under my last name (see profile) and it's likely they will be seating us in a long row of small tables parallel to the bar.
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I was caught in traffic leaving work-- I won't make it! :-( next time!!
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